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that matter.

Paying less is always nice.
Especially if service is
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Compare The Savings …

You can save up to 40%-80% by switching to us.

Other Providers Chat Agents
Availability 24 x 7 24 x 7
Unlimited Chats No Included
Assigned Agents 4-5 8-10
Free Trial 14 Days 60-90 Days
Powered By Links Always Never
Cost Per Chat $4 - $10 Included
Cost Per Lead $15 - $35 Included
New In-take Not Available Available
Lead Verifications No If Opted
Live Notifications Not Always Always
Proprietary Apps No Yes iOS & Android
Proprietary CRM Some Yes
CRM Integration No Included
Unlimited FAQs No Included
100% US Agents Rarely Optional
Years In Business Unknown 16+
Incorporated Unknown Chat Agents Inc. - 2005
Per Month $500 - $3000 $249

Imagine that if your business gets an average of 120-150 leads per month from your own website, even at $15 per lead that's about $2,000 per month.

Or if your business gets an average of 500 chats per month , even at $4 per chat that's also about $2,000 per month.

Switch to us get 90-Day Free Trial and pay only $249/mo all-inclusive thereafter.

Let Us Manage Your 24/7 Live Chat

Paying less is always nice, but it is frequently not worth sacrificing quality for price. However, sometimes a few companies that are best-in-their-class, offer features and functions that their overpriced competitors do not.

We're one such company.

How We Keep Our Costs & Your Price Low

We efficiently leverage all our key resources, which includes our market reach, our qualified staff, our infrastructure & the latest technology.

Economies of Scale & Pooling

Ever wondered why a larger business can charge so much less than a smaller business for a similar product or service?

At ChatAgents we operate on the principles of economies of scale. This allows us to deliver greater value to our customers, all while still remaining within our profit margins.

Unlike an in-house operation, we spread our average labor and overhead costs across a client pool of 8-10 similar sized firms. Simply put, we know that small to mid sized companies don't need to hire 5 or 6 full-time dedicated employees to handle 1000-1200 chats each per month, 24/7 (equates to 728 hours a month).

Our experienced live chat operators can typically handle between 3 and 4 conversations at a time, which means they can handle a high volume of incoming live chat requests. Our chat operators don't have to deal with other support channels or tasks, giving them the advantage of being able to focus on just one thing.

Operational Best Practices

When you outsource services to us, you're not hiring fresh college graduates. We have people working for us who have built up a wealth of experience in various industries. We bring in this experience to effectively lower our input costs and therefore our prices.

Outsourcing companies are constantly evaluated on how productive they are. Therefore, we strive to meet or exceed the benchmarks you set. Our highly trained agents can typically answer about 80% of your visitors' questions in just a few days of orientation, leaving the remaining 20% to your internal resources - over time and through constant learning, our teams will be able to understand your business even better and allow us to improve the way we serve you.

We like to put a figure on it: most of our customers reduce their costs by 60% when they switch to us. That cost savings comes with more than 500 years of combined operational experience, which means we can use that knowledge to increase efficiency and streamline your processes. With higher productivity, you get tangible results for your business.

Labor Cost Advantages

Our biggest explanation to our low prices is our access to excellent qualified labor overseas. While most others do the same thing in some shape or form, they usually do no disclose this and still retain the higher profit margins. We are not only proud that we can do this but are transparent and pass the savings to you.

While our top management & consultants as well as some agents operate out of the United States/Europe, a majority of our agents work overseas. Our world-class delivery centers in Manila, Philippines, with more than 300 workstations, are an integral part of our global network that helps deliver business value to our clients around the world and across a wide range of industries.

The Philippines trumps countries like India when it comes to the overall quality of its workforce. By and large, salaries in the Philippines for a similarly skilled full-time employee are one-third of those in the US. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the world and provides us with a highly qualified talent pool to provide chat services. The country's business-friendly environment and time zone advantages make the Philippines a natural choice for providing 24×7 service to our global customers, especially those based in the United States.

In school, students are taught in American English, making Filipinos fluent in American linguistic features. This is in contrast to Indians who are taught in British English and speak the language with a distinct Indian accent that some clients have difficulty understanding. The neutral Filipino accent is perceived as superior and this has played a big role in our overall success.

Vertical Integration

We own and maintain our infrastructure in United States, Europe and Asia. We also hire our chat agents directly on payroll. Unlike most agencies that are simply resellers of managed chat services with markup prices.

Starting a 24/7 contact center, no matter where, and especially in a foreign country, has many barriers to entry, but over the past 15 years, we've done all the hard work of building and servicing successfully as well as cost-effectively in the Philippines; we share those savings with you.

Access To Best Technologies

We either build or buy the best technology, tools and software available to make our lives and business more efficient, and greater efficiency means greater cost savings.

Fully Managed 24/7 Live Chat Service


The thing is, your customers don't limit their activities to your business hours. Customers could (and probably do!) search for your services at any time of the day or week, and expect help whenever they need it.

Remember, for online searchers, your competition is just a click away. We engage your web visitors before they check your competitors.

Optional Plans For All Budgets

Upgrade to custom plans as per your unique requirements.

100% US Agents

Our listed rates are based on Filipino agents answering your chats. We provide high value for your money.

However we understand that some companies prefer US based agents. We can assign 100% US based agents upon request at an additional cost to meet such requirements.

Dedicated Agents

Typically, our Chat Agents individually service between 6 to 8 companies per shift.

If your business has a very high chat volume, you may need exclusive agents.At an additional custom price, we can help your company build its own team in the Philippines or the US.

Tailored Plans

Our offshore staffing services can help your company save on labour and costs - with minimal risk and a transparent cost structure.

We see ourselves as more than an chat outsourcing company. We can customize an omni-channel solution for you as per your budget.



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