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Our White Label Program

Provide 24/7 live chat service to your customers.

White Labelled

No ChatAgent's branding anywhere - not in the CRM tool, lead notification emails, chat transcripts, or mobile apps.

When your customers log into their CRM, they'll see your company branding instead.

Simple Pricing

Reseller Discounts:

1st client: 5%
2nd & 3rd clients: 10%
4th client onward: 20%

In addition, all our resellers receive a free chat service on their website.

Your MarkUp

Since our plans compare very favourably to our competitors, you can also markup 50% -100% on our listed plans.

You bill your client the way you want and we bill you less the applicable discount. It's that simple.

Fully Managed 24/7 Live Chat Service

OPEN 24/7 ?

The thing is, your customers don't limit their activities to your business hours. Customers could (and probably do!) search for your services at any time of the day or week, and expect help whenever they need it.

Remember, for online searchers, your competition is just a click away. We engage your web visitors before they look to your competitors.

Top Benefits For Resellers

Increase sales & build relationships.

Increased Revenue Streams

Using our resell solutions means you save on overheads and resources. There is no development work or IT setup for products. There's no training or in-house positions for fulfillment. Everything is turnkey.

As more and more companies go digital, especially in sales and marketing, the need for this platform is growing and they are looking for vendors. As a white label reseller, you have the opportunity to fill this gap in the market and generate new revenue streams for your business in the process.

Increased Savings

Hiring full-time employees as agents to maintain a 24×7 live chat on your website is about 50x more expensive. Imagine the savings that will benefit your business if you take advantage of this program.

What's in it for you? What we offer you is a full-service live chat team that reduces to zero the overwhelming operating costs of full-time staff salaries and other costs associated with running a contact center. So, are you ready to generate more income and increase your savings?

Increased Brand Loyalty

The relationship you build with your customers is important. Most likely, you have an engaged and loyal customer base that returns to you because of how well they work with your company. How can you grow that relationship? Increase that brand loyalty by introducing your existing clientele to the latest digital tools before they even know they need them.

They will be less likely to switch to your competitors if they know that what they are paying you will benefit their own business.

Your Brand Your Price

As we remain private, you would be in control of the prices you want to offer the customer. You would be the one providing your own pricing plans, giving you freedom and flexibility in the prices you would consider for our service.

We all know how businesses differ in their main strategies and goals. There are companies that operate for only one season, while others operate throughout the year. There are those that have low staffing needs; others have high needs. We have plans that can be customised to all your specifications and requirements. We can discuss these plans and make sure all agreements are in place before we do the actual implementation of the live chat program.

A clearly defined and mutually satisfactory working relationship is always our goal in this business.

Best Features

Our best feature offers are truly second to none. With our bespoke options, plus good quality agents and the latest technological tools such as iOS and Android Apps, we offer a great CRM tool for you and your clients. We have fully trained, professional and competent chat agents who are all very experienced in this field.

You just need to work hand in hand with us to ensure that we provide the best customer experience and support to your customers. As we make your customers' clients happy - you also gain their trust and loyalty to your business relationship.

Competitive Advantage

With our program, you will certainly show a competitive advantage over your rivals, who only focus on their core products and services. You are fulfilling unmet customer needs, so now you are not only serving your market segment, but also a wider reach.

Your competitors, on the other hand, are only focused on their market. Now, which company is better than both of them? Clearly - it's you!

How Our Program Works


Sign-up as a reseller partner.

Signing up is completely free and no credit card payment is required. We also do not require a minimum number of customers, so you can start with just 1 customer. We will set up your account and give you backend access to your reseller account.


Sign-up your client at your end.

Due to nature of our business, all clients need to be pre-qualified unless they are Law-Firms or Dental Office.Therefore clients cannot sign-up on your website directly.You need to get your client signed up offline.


Send us your customer's details.

We need your customer's name, email address, phone number, and the URL of the website where you want to set up our chat service. We will set up your customer's account on our site and provide you with the login password.


Add FAQs for your customer.

Next, you can add FAQs for your customer either through your reseller dashboard or ask your customer to add them themselves through their dashboard or just let us know, we can do that for you.


Tell us when you're ready.

As soon as you're ready, let us know. We'll complete our professional chat agent training within just 24 to 48 hours and give you the green light to add the chat code to your client's website.

Our Goal

By now, you probably know why 24×7 live chat is so important in today's digital brand and service world, and why customers prefer it over phone and email support.

It's clearly the best communication platform for giving customers quick feedback in real time. It also gives the highest satisfaction for customers. So allow us to offer you something that will give you an edge in many ways as a white label reseller of our 24×7 live chat.

We would customise and adapt all our services to sell through you unbranded or branded under your agency's brand. As a white label reseller, you can access new technology without having to worry about after sales processes such as maintenance and upgrades. Our live chat service will work as a seamless extension of your existing services. We are committed to providing your customers with the best customer experience as we work on it every day.

We would not mention our company in the chat system, customer support ticket, sales enquiries or captures and even emails and in fact reflect your brand wherever possible.

Reseller Terms & Conditions

Our Responsibility

We will be responsible for providing chat software, chat agents, 24×7 presence on chat widget, infrastructure, CRM softwares and lead delivery methods.

Our service related FAQs are covered at FAQs and will remain the same for your customers.

Our Acceptable User Policy will also be binding for you & your customer accounts.

There will be a separate payment profile for each of your customer, which will help us process the cancellation if a customer wants to terminate the service.

Your Responsibility

While you are free to mark-up our plans, you cannot resell our service for less than our listed price.

You will be the support contact for your customers. We don't provide direct customer support for your customers.

Service & support related questions should be sent to us by you.

You will be our single point of contact for all customers.

Cancellation of an account should be made at least 3 days prior to the start of the next billing cycle.


All payments for your customer account will be billed to you and automatically debited from our payment gateway.

Payment will be charged at the beginning of the service period and will repeat every 30 days until cancellation.

After the trial period, there will be no refunds, full or pro-rated for any customer.

If recurring billing fails, we will notify you immediately and such accounts should be settled within 3 days, otherwise the customer account associated with that billing profile will be suspended and subsequently deleted.

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