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We provide fully managed, 3rd party, end-to-end real human live chat agent support for businesses on their websites, so they can focus on what they do best.

We provide 24/7 online chat support at the highest level, helping you generate more online leads from your website visitors who might not otherwise fill out a contact form or make that first phone call and simply move on to research other firms.

Because our chat agents provide immediate responses during this crucial buying window, you will most likely be the first point of contact for these visitors rather than your competitors. This can easily be a source of additional leads without additional marketing spend.

When we first start implementing Live Chat on your company's website, we study your website, ask you a few questions to learn about your business, and then your dedicated account manager adds the initial FAQs and probing questions about your practice to the (Knowledge Base).

Based on this knowledge base, we then train our staff about your firm. We also train you on how to use our technology to add and edit the Knowledge Base yourself in real time. This way, your information is always up to date and it is easier for our Live Chat agents to respond to your visitors.

Note: If we find questions we can't answer, we'll contact you to update our knowledge base, so we can answer them in the future. The more we learn about your firm over time, the better we can answer Live Chats on your behalf.

We efficiently leverage all our key resources, which includes our market reach, our qualified staff, our infrastructure & the latest technology.

Economies of Scale & Pooling
This allows us to deliver greater value to our customers, all while still remaining within our profit margins.

Unlike an in-house operation, we spread our average labor and overhead costs across a client pool of 8-10 similar sized firms. Simply put, we know that small to mid sized companies don't need to hire 5 or 6 full-time dedicated employees to handle 1000-1200 chats each per month.

Operational Best Practices
Our experienced live chat operators can typically handle between 3 and 4 conversations at a time, which means they can handle a high volume of incoming live chat requests. Our chat operators don't have to deal with other support channels or tasks, giving them the advantage of being able to focus on just one thing.

We like to put a figure on it: most of our customers reduce their costs by 60% to 80% when they switch to us. That cost savings comes with more than 500 years of combined operational experience, which means we can use that knowledge to increase efficiency and streamline your processes. With higher productivity, you get tangible results for your business.

Labor Cost Advantages
Our biggest explanation to our low prices is our access to excellent qualified labor overseas. While most others do the same thing in some shape or form, they usually do no disclose this and still retain the higher profit margins. We are not only proud that we can do this but are transparent and pass the savings to you.

While our top management & consultants as well as some agents operate out of the United States/Europe, a majority of our agents work overseas. Our world-class delivery centers in Manila, Philippines, with more than 300 workstations, are an integral part of our global network that helps deliver business value to our clients around the world and across a wide range of industries.

Vertical Integration
We own and maintain our infrastructure in United States, Europe and Asia. We also hire our chat agents directly on payroll. Unlike most agencies that are simply resellers of managed chat services with markup prices.

Starting a 24/7 contact center, no matter where, and especially in a foreign country, has many barriers to entry, but over the past 15 years, we've done all the hard work of building and servicing successfully as well as cost-effectively in the Philippines; we share those savings with you.

Access To Best Technologies
We either build or buy the best technology, tools and software available to make our lives and business more efficient, and greater efficiency means greater cost savings.

100% US Based Agents Option.
Our listed rates are based on Filipino agents answering your chats. We provide high value for your money. However we understand that some companies prefer US based agents. We can assign US based agents upon request at an additional cost to meet such requirements.

More info on our transparent pricing policy.

No, when you sign up for our Live Chat Service you can be with your family, watch TV or be at the beach. You let us know when you want to be notified and when you don't need to be notified. We will make a note of that and work with you accordingly.

When we say we have unlimited chats included, we don't mean we answer 1 million chats per month for the base price if your company is like Amazon or Airbnb.

What we really mean is that you will never be charged for any excess. We're not going to surprise you.

After we talk to you, we'll make a fair assumption based on the average visitors a typical company similar to yours gets. Then we'll suggest you purchase a plan based on that. For most firms we serve, Standard Plan is sufficient.

If we feel that we're not a good match for you, we'll let you know before sign-up.

After sign-up, if we notice that you are getting too many chats for a particular plan, we would recommend upgrading.

At that point, it is entirely up to you whether you continue with the new proposed plan or cancel without obligation. We will continue to serve you until the end of the current billing period at no additional cost. After all, we want things to be fair for everyone.

Note: To get an estimate, if you have less than 1000 chats per month, our Starter or Standard plan is for you. If you have more than 1000+ chats, we would recommend our premium plans. If you have other requirements, you can always request a custom quote.

Typically, we only offer our service if your company is a non e-commerce business.

This is simply because it is not possible to be an expert in businesses where we have to login to your systems. We specialize in the small business customer service and want to make sure that we truly add value to the clients we serve.

Unfortunately, we are not a good fit for all companies, and likewise, not all companies and industries are a good fit for us. We are transparent about which companies we work with, so we can serve them properly. Talk to us to find out if we are the right fit for you.

We are a company that doesn't rush anything. We want to do everything right for you.

Typically, it takes about 3-10 business days to launch Live Chat Started on your website, depending on how quickly we receive complete information for your service. While the output will always depend on what the input is, we will push you to get the most out of our service.

This is also because we custom build both your website's chat widget and the chat response that our chat agents will use. Using the knowledge base/questions that are created, we train our agents and your dedicated manager about your business.

After that, it only takes a few minutes to add our live chat widget to your website. Our support team can do it for you.

We then run live test runs and continually update our service with your feedback.

Yes, like any internal employee, we'll have a bit of a learning curve at first, but within a few days we'll get everything right and keep you happy.

Note: This is also the reason why we have a 30-day risk-free trial.

Our Industry-Best trial period gives you a sense of security and a taste of working with our team. It gives you the comfort to experience working together and make an informed decision.

'Risk-free' means that all the risk is on our side and not on your end. But it gives us an edge over the competition when it comes to a future long-term relationship.

You don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first.

In the same way, we don't want our customers to decide whether they want to work with us or not without a proper sampling.

Our service includes features that allows you to track your new leads via our apps, your CRM (if integrated), by instant email notifications as well as by SMS.

The lead notification feature is handy if you want to monitor your new leads or if you want to contact them immediately without having to log into our apps or your CRM.

You will be notified immediately by email when new lead data is added. This feature is enabled by default, but you can turn it off.

Note: For customers with HIPPA compliance, certain features need to be turned off and cannot be activated, you will still receive all lead data automatically by logging into our systems or your CRM if connected. You will still get an email notification that a new lead was added, but you won't find any client information, other than a link to access the PHI information securely.

No, you won't. For customers currently using other providers, we offer an additional 30-day free trial on top of our usual 30-day trial for this very reason.

We don't want you to switch overnight and disrupt your business.

Because, while we build your knowledge base in our system and train our agents, it usually takes a few days to get everything running right.

We can also use this time to figure out any special needs or things you're currently doing, like integrating with CRMs, appointment scheduling, etc.

We would also talk about things you like about your current service provider, as well as things you don't like. And what new features you want.

We want to make sure everything is perfect before you pull their chat snippet and add ours.

Yes, of course, we integrate with several top CRMs natively and over 2000 others through Zapier.

This way you don't have to adapt to our CRM and there is no learning curve. You only need to do a small one-time setup or we can do it for you, which will transfer all the chat leads and related data we generate in our CRM directly into your CRM.

You can handle the chat leads just as efficiently as your non-chat leads. All the data for a lead is already there, and you only need to do what you normally do when you have new intakes.

Note: We probably already do, but talk to us anyway to confirm if we support your existing CRM.

With our standard and higher rates, we customize your Live Chat window to match the look of your current website and add your logo.

With our starter plan there is no logo or color customization, but in any case we will never add our logo or a link on your chat widget.

Our prices are all-inclusive and cover all costs of managing and covering your live chats 24/7. For each website, we deploy 6 to 8 shared agents who work in different shifts to ensure round-the-clock service.

We do not charge per agent, per lead or per chat. What you see is what you pay for the fully managed service.

There are absolutely no hidden fees.

First of all, we make sure that all your requirements and standards are met. We plan, organize, execute and get everything in order.

Once a week, all of our agents and managers attend several hours of training where we discuss best practises and anything else that can help them improve.

Importantly, every month we pass on a significant portion of our gross turnover as a bonus to all our chat agents.

In addition, we incentivize them with rewards for every lead they collect for you, for appointments they book for you, for client intakes, for maintaining a good chat response time, for getting good chat ratings, etc.

If our agents make mistakes or do not follow SOPs and guidelines, they are aware that they may lose some or all of these incentives, which makes them very careful and alert.

Our managers also play an important role in improving the performance of their respective teams. They make sure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities as well as the goals of our (and your) company.

They also regularly monitor and evaluate team performance, rewarding and reprimanding; whatever it takes to keep you a happy and satisfied customer.

Fully Managed 24/7 Live Chat Service

OPEN 24/7 ?

The thing is, your customers don't limit their activities to your business hours. Customers could (and probably do!) search for your services at any time of the day or week, and expect help whenever they need it.

Remember, for online searchers, your competition is just a click away. We engage your web visitors before they look to your competitors.

Chat Bots Are Very Bad - For Websites

Price includes setup, software, and live agents!

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