How an Ophthalmologist Increased His Clients and His Income

Danny was an Ophthalmologist who has been newly licensed for his profession. He was one of the top 5 in his class, so everyone concluded that he would make it big in his profession.

“He would rake in big money,” people said. They were sure he would make it big.

However, 6 months into the practice of his profession, he was still counting coins and not bucks.

“You have to advertise your services,” his friends encouraged him. “No matter how good you are, if no one knows you exist, your clients won’t come.”

So, he distributed his calling card whenever he can and advertised his services through his social media accounts. There was a slight increase in his patients but it was not enough to sustain his clinic.

One time, when he and his college friends held their monthly meeting, one of his classmates, Ted, asked him if he had a website.

“Do I need one?” He asked not familiar with the concept.

“Of course, you do,” Ted replied. “Every professional must have a website.”

And so, through the help of Ted, Danny finally has a website of his own. It will cost Danny less than $30 per month to maintain his website. But he’s willing to do anything legitimate to increase his clients.

“You can advertise your services and sell some products on your website. You can do various things on your site,” Ted informed Danny.

“Thanks,” Danny put an arm around Ted. “You’re my best friend, indeed,” he declared happily.

A month passed since Danny has put up his website. There were some purchases on eye frames and eye glass cleaners. There were also a few clients added to Danny’s list. However, he wanted more clients. He believed he can help more people needing his expertise.

When Danny met Ted during their monthly meeting, Ted had good news.

“Know what? I’ve discovered one way of farther increasing my clients,” Ted said eagerly.

“What is it?” Danny asked, equally excited.

“I saw some of our friends using Live Chat Agents and I’ve tried,” he blabbered. “And you know what? It worked wonders.”


“My patients and sales increased – double!”

“That’s great news. Then share it with me,” Danny prodded Ted.

“Sure, what are friends for,” Ted beamed at him. “It’s simple, really. I hired Live Chat Agents for my website, and wow! The response was unexpected.”

“That service must be expensive,” Danny countered.

“Not at all; it’s a free trial for 15 days, then if I want to continue the packages are affordable.”

“If you don’t…,” Danny was cynical.

“Then I just have to cancel my subscription, and that’s that.”

“No kidding,” Danny stated, keen on following Ted’s lead. “No questions asked?”

“Well, according to their policy – none.”


“Yup, c’mon, let’s sign you up. You won’t regret it,” Ted cajoled Danny.

After Danny had signed up for the free trial, the manager assigned to his account interviewed him to know what services and products he offered. Danny had already prepared his list, as follows:

  • Physical consultations of patients set at pre-scheduled dates
  • Measuring of eyeglasses for those who wanted to purchase
  • Eye examinations and eye procedures
  • Surgical procedures and medical intervention for conditions involving the eyes and the surrounding areas of the eyes
  • Treatment of eye illnesses
    Strabismus, orthoptics, binocular vision and refraction

Danny also emphasized the following focal points to the Live Chat Agent trainer:

  • Courtesy to all patients/clients/visitors – even to rude customers
  • No discrimination – no matter what
  • In cases needing immediate attention, he can be contacted directly through his phone
  • For other non-emergency cases, the Agent should deal with them and contact him every afternoon at 6 p.m.
  • Website visitors can be motivated/encouraged to purchase products
  • Website visitors can be encouraged to avail of his services
  • Whether the visitor buys products or avail of the services, the visitor must always be treated with courtesy during his stay on the website
  • Appropriate farewell greetings must be done
  • The agent will be provided a consultation schedule, where she can fit in the online patients wanting to consult Danny

The agent assured Danny that the Live Chat Agents were highly trained in dealing with all types of customers, and that he shouldn’t worry about that aspect.

Danny felt inspired by the recent happenings in his career. His intuition told him he did something right.

After a few days, his Live Chat app was installed on his website and the Agents went into action.

At the end of the day, he had more than a hundred visitors; 3 visitors purchased items; and 4 had requested a consultation with Danny.

It was the first day and Danny was impressed at the site’s record. During the past days, Analytics revealed that he had only, more or less, 50 visitors per day.

Danny became even more impressed during ensuing days. The website’s traffic increased steadily as the days passed by. His client doubles in number and many of his previous patients had started making appointments online. It was convenient and quick.

He had dreamed of increasing his clients and his income, and he had succeeded significantly.

  • His clients doubled in number and continues to increase
  • A lot of his eye products are being purchased daily
  • Working has been convenient and easy
  • His website’s reach has broadened in just a few weeks
  • His website is gradually appearing on results pages of search engines
  • He’s slowly building his online integrity

Thanks to his competent and friendly Live Chat Agents. Danny realized that the Agents were the ones actually managing his website, and all he did was to monitor them and relax.

If you’re an ophthalmologist wanting to boost your income, you may want to follow Danny’s path. Hiring Live Chat Agents is not as expensive as you think, grab the chance to bring your career to new heights and watch how your earnings increase too.