What’s the Boon for New Online Entrepreneurs? Inexpensive Live Chat Agents

Are you a new online entrepreneur who thinks Live Chat apps are expensive? Well, not anymore. You can now add this awesome feature on your website at an affordable price of $0.39 per hour. And guess what? The first 60 days can serve as your free trial period.

Chat Agents can provide these inexpensive Live Chat services for you anytime you decide to avail of it. It’s now the boon for online entrepreneurs, such as career professionals, who want to establish their own businesses; doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers and other professions.

The Live Chat Agent can do the following tasks for you on your website:

1. Greets visitors at the onset to show that ‘somebody’s home’ to welcome them.
The Chat App opens automatically and the Chat Agent greets the visitor. This gesture would motivate your visitors to browse more on your site. If no one is there to welcome them, they would certainly leave your site after reading a few lines.

2. Inquires what they can do to help the visitor.
The Chat Agent then inquires how she can help the visitor. The visitor interacts with the agent and informs her of his concerns. The reply is prompt and appropriate, so the visitor is given the correct information immediately.

3. Talks to the visitor and answers his questions.
The visitor asks his questions and the Chat Agent answers them. The conversation may lengthen – which is good – because the visitor shows interest in the services or products.

4. Attend to the visitors’ needs.
She then attends to the visitor’s needs. Perhaps, takes his orders, or schedules a time for the visitor’s consultation. This would depend on the services offered.

Let’s say the services offered are dental services; the Chat Agent may schedule a specific time for a tooth extraction, and another time for teeth cleaning. She may also contact you, or your authorized representative in case of an emergency procedure that needs to be one, ASAP.

5. Takes note of necessary information related to the services or products.
The Chat Agent could also take note of the complete name of the visitor, his address, his gender, and other personal information related to his case. And also the product/s he is interested in.

6. Passes on the leads to you for further action.
In cases when the visitor is not yet ready to purchase at the moment, but has expressed his desire to return, then the Agent will pass this on to you. You could decide whether to deal with him the next time he comes, or let the Agent do so. It’s up to you.

7. Explain the advantages of the website’s services.
The Agent would explain the advantages of the website’s services, when asked by the visitor. She’s responsible too in explaining what the products or services are all about.

In any event that the agent is not knowledgeable about the answer, a competent expert may be called in to respond.

8. Conclude interaction with visitors by motivating them to take action.
The Chat Agent could motivate the visitor to browse, or to return next time to avail of the products or services.

9. In summary, the Agent will act as the information desk staff on your website.
She directs people where to go on the website, and provide the necessary information to visitors.

You must know how to delegate your work, so that you can do more essential tasks, such as assessing financial reports, meeting an out of town investor, and so forth.

There are still small tasks, here and there, that Live Chat Agents can do that can relieve you of menial jobs on your website.

Employing Live Chat Agents will help you grow your business and boost your sales. Don’t wait for tomorrow because you’re losing money, the longer you delay.

What are the other benefits that you could get from this Live Chat service?

  • You are assured of quality service from qualified Chat Agents.
  • There are no limits to the number of chats the Agent can do within the day; unlimited chats are offered.
  • The response is immediate. You type your query, press “Enter”, and the Chat Agent can read it promptly. Afterwards, the reply comes within minutes.
  • The Chat Agents are real persons, so the interaction is genuine. Visitors prefer talking to a genuine person than to automatic response generators.
  • The Live software is free, and so is its installation.
  • Performance reports of your website will be available for you. You could evaluate how your website performed in a month.
  • You would be notified of your leads through email or through phone, whichever you prefer, and whichever type or service you have purchased.
  • You can terminate the contract after a month because the contract is renewable every month and not every year. It’s easier for you to cancel when the services don’t measure up to your standards.Nonetheless, Help Desk 247 is offering the services on a monthly contractual basis. That’s how confident they are of their Live Chat services.
  • In case you want to continue availing of the services after your 15-day trial, the fee is only $0.19 cents per hour.
  • You save money because the cost is lower as compared to phone call fees and person-to-person communication.
  • The Chat Agent can monitor your website for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, when you purchase the $0.39 cents per hour, or $99 per month. If you want to purchase the $129, or $149, or $199 per month, the Live Chat agents will man your site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – that means round-the-clock.


As a website owner, adapting new apps to develop your site is the most rational thing to do. Unless, you want to be left behind, choose to enlist the services of Live Chat Agents to increase your website’s traffic and, consequently, your sales.

Optimize your Live Chat app to get the most out of it. You won’t regret it.