How Doctors with Live Chat Apps become More Successful in Treating their Patients

Doctors provide vital health services to their patients. Thus, it’s crucial that they should be there when their patients need them. They, or someone authorized, should also be readily contacted when patients need to ask questions.

Of course, the doctors’ availability to their patients has to be within the bounds of the law. They’re highly trained medical experts, who are in demand and who are not typically available at the patients’ beck and call.

Nevertheless, maximum effort must be exerted to ensure that patients are treated properly.

Together with the explosion of technology and the advent of the Internet, the delivery of doctors’ services is now adjusting accordingly. Nowadays, many doctors are using the Internet to advertise their services.

Numerous doctors have websites of their own, where they schedule check-ups, do preliminary evaluations and chat with their patients about their concerns. Most of these websites have a Live Chat App with Chat Agents, who ready to respond.

Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • Most patients want their questions addressed immediately.
  • Some visitors may be in search of a specialist, and they want to know first about him/her through chat.
  • Some visitors may simply want to browse the services offered, and they want to talk more about them through chat.
  • A patient may want to verify his/her scheduled check-up.
  • The doctor cannot manage his/her website 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. So, the Chat Agent will perform this task.
  • The doctor’s services can be advertised using the website with the Chat Agents responding to questions about the doctor’s field of discipline and similar related questions.

These are some of the reasons why doctors enlist the services of Live Chat Agents with the Live Chat App.

What about those who don’t use this app? They tend to lose sight of their patients when they are busy with other concerns.

Also, new patients may not choose their services because they couldn’t reach a staff to answer their questions, so they could know more about these services.

Recommendations for Doctors’ websites without Live Chat Apps

For those without Live Chat Apps and Chat Agents, you’re missing a lot. It’s actually inexpensive.

You can avail of the 60-day free trial offered by

Then you can continue using it for only $0.39 cents per hour. That’s cheap, compared to the money you would spend in advertising your services through online ads. Online ads, such as Google ads can burn a hole in your pocket.

Why spend thousands in advertising when you can do it for a few bucks?

Your visitors on your websites may have some questions that they want responded to swiftly. Researches have proven that websites with Live Chat Apps have decreased bounce rates and increased conversions.

Studies have also shown that the number of surfers, who use chats and online communication apps are increasing considerably. By year 2020, online users may prefer to use the chat app only and won’t merely browse.

If you are a doctor wanting to advertise your services online, this is your chance to upgrade your website. Don’t allow your visitors to leave your site without talking to a Chat Agent.

You don’t need to be technically oriented to use the chat app. Help Desk 247 will install it, train the Chat Agent, and help you get familiar with how it works. By the way, installation is free.

Rest assured, there are no hidden costs and long term contracts that would bind you to Help Desk 247, whether you like the services or not. Only monthly contracts are accomplished. So, if you don’t like the chat service you can cancel it anytime.

Also, you are notified promptly of new leads, giving you time to act on them swiftly. You may opt to spend quality time with your family, and choose not to be notified. It will be up to you. You’re the boss.

There are still several advantages of using Live Chat Apps and Chat Agents that are not mentioned here. You will never know unless you start using it. Grab that chance now.

Here’s how you can do it.

Steps to follow in using the Live Chat Apps

Step #1
Go to and sign up for the free trial.

Step #2
Answer questions related to your services and website. Double check your answers.

Step #3
Wait for the installation of your Live Chat Apps. Help Desk will install it for free.

Step #4
Dry run your Live Chat Apps. Know more about it from your Chat Agent.

Step #5
Go Live on your website featuring your Live Chat Apps. Man the website for a day to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Step #6
Observe the responses of your visitors about your app. You may want to request them to rate or review your chat system.

Step #7
Monitor your daily conversions and sales. Record them in a logbook.

Step #8
Use the Live Chat Apps and the Chat Agents for 15 days. Observe how they operate. Note down your observations.

Step #9
After 15 days, evaluate the performance of your Live Chat Apps and the Chat Agents. Refer to your daily monitor.

Step #10
Decide whether to continue or not. The basis would be the conversions and sales. If they have increased, then retain the services. If not, then cancel the services.

You can give it more time if you want. Perhaps, you’re missing something. Carefully evaluate your system before making a final decision.


If you want to increase your sales and optimize your online business, you have to add Chat Agents and Live Chat Apps on your website.

Whether you’re a white-collar professional, or a blue-collar worker Live Chat Apps with Chat Agents can help considerably in promoting your business or services on your website.

Don’t be left behind by your competitors by refusing to adapt to new developments and technology. Play it smart and cool, and be on top of your game.