Why Live Chat Agents Are Vital to Doctors and Medical Offices

The health allied professions are under one huge umbrella that involves multi-level communication and transactions between patient and health workers, and between the health professionals themselves.

It’s for this crucial reason that conversations are held in real-time and are easily accessible by every individual concerned. One way of doing this is by enlisting the assistance of Live Chat Agents.

If you’re still one of the doctors, who haven’t utilized Live Chat Agents, it’s high time you do so, now. Definitely, you won’t regret it, why? Read the reasons below.

The following are reasons why Live Chat Agents are vital to doctors and medical offices:

#1 – A doctor’s website needs a receptionist
Just as an actual doctor’s office requires a receptionist, so does a doctor’s website. The Live Chat Agents are there to welcome your clients – past, present and future.

When a patient visits your office, a secretary, nursing aide or receptionist is there to greet your patient. The patient would not want to be walking into an empty room. She expects someone would be there to greet her.

Likewise on your website, the visitor would expect the same. Your webpage and you are one. Your website is an online extension of your office, but it’s still your office. Thus, a receptionist is a vital part of it.

You can install a receptionist on your online office/clinic by enlisting the aid of Live Chat Agents. They can interview the patient, and write down important data as he waits for you.

#2 – A doctor’s website requires an assistant
When the patients visit the webpage, they would surely have some questions to ask. Examples are:

  • Can I schedule a visit today?
  • At what time will the doctor be in?
  • What can I eat?
  • Do I need to fast if I want my blood tested for uric acid?
  • How many hours should I be fasting?
  • My back is itching; can I remove the back brace?
  • What will I do if itching occurs?
  • Do I need to avoid these foods?

These are only a few questions that your patients may ask.

If the Live Chat Agent is managing your website 24/7, then she would be able to answer all these minor questions. Wouldn’t it be less work for you?

#3 – Doctors and medical offices need an online manager
Of course, you need and an online manager. Almost everything is automated now, and you cannot do all the tasks yourself. You may have a staff manning your clinic, but what about your online clinic? There should be someone in-charge, as well.

Even though you don’t perform surgeries or serious consultations online, you still have to deal with patients or prospective patients. A competent manager must be there to direct the new website visitors, or your existing patients.

The Live Chat Agent can act as your online manager, who can coordinate your private practice activities with your online tasks.

There are multiple facets you can accomplish online. The manager will arrange your schedule so that each would be properly attended to. The online tasks must be scheduled in such a way that the offline tasks are not overridden.

Examples are:

  • 8 to 9:30 a.m. – surgery – removal of cyst in wrist (clinic)
  • 10 to 11 a.m. – consultation of Ms. Joe (online appointment)
  • 11 to 12 a.m. – consultation of Mr. John (clinic)

While doing this, your Live Chat Agent can also motivate your online clients to avail of your products. Money is not everything, but if you can earn more money online that would be superb, right?

#4 – Your patients deserve the best treatment
Even online, your patients deserve the best treatment. You can only do this, if you attend to them as soon as they ‘enter’ your online clinic/webpage. You cannot possibly do this personally, but at least have someone do it for you.

In your stead, the Live Chat Agent will do that task for you – to see to it that whatever your patients need, they are attended to.

If they need to consult you, they are given a schedule for consultation. If they need just to chat with you online, then the Live Agent will act according to your instructions. Your Live Chat Agents would treat them like queens and kings.

#5 – Post consultations may be done online
Depending on how you work, you can do post consultations online. The Live Chat Agent can contact you, upon the patient’s request, and you allow the patient to directly call you, or let the Live Chat Agent relay your message to the patient.

This is most especially useful with patients, who are almost well. Through the Live Chat Agents, you can give the patients reminders, and the date of the next visit.

These are the reasons why Live Chat Agents are vital to doctors and medical offices. If you still don’t have an Agent, try enlisting their services. A 15-day trial period is offered free anyhow. As the cliché goes, “you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.”

So, move with the times. Upgrade how you practice your profession. Through this method, you would be able to move forward with your patients.


You have to adopt the updates in technology, so you can perform your duties as a doctor or a health care professional. Creating an online presence is essential in keeping you abreast with the advances of science and technology.

You cannot stay forever cooped up in your offline clinic. You must also take advantage of the benefits of an online practice. Almost all patients are online users. They would appreciate it if you take your services into their doorsteps.

Naturally, you have to classify which tasks can be done online and which cannot be. This is your own discretion as a doctor or health care provider.

The Live Chat Agent will follow your orders and whatever instructions you give her. You need her to organize, manage and assist you with the online operation of your website/online clinic.

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