There are things that Live Chat Agents are allowed to do within the workplace as long as they don’t conflict with the house rules. These things normally happen behind the scene, and probably not every one of you is aware of what actually happens during chats.

Most companies imposed these rules because they are ethical and still professional. Let me give you some ideas, a glimpse of what commonly happens during chat:

1. Some companies allow chat agents to bring food within their respective stations and eat.
There are certain type of foods that are allowed inside the office, they’re mostly bite-sized dry snacks, such as crackers, cookies, chips, and similar foods. The Agents can eat during break time, or even while chatting as long as it does not affect their performance, and does not cause a mess.

Security personnel or guards check and make sure, before each Agent enter, that the correct type of food or snacks are brought into the premises or into their stations.

2. Coffee and other beverages are also allowed inside the office.
The Agents have to avoid causing a mess to take care of their tools and basic equipment, such as computers, chairs, tables, keyboards, and so forth. And bringing beverages inside the office is only allowed if the liquid is in a non-spill container.

Water dispensers are also provided within the office and the Agents can bring their own containers or tumblers.

3. Internet browsing is allowed.
It’s allowed to browse on other websites, aside from the needed tools, as long as it is work related.

Agents are strictly not allowed to open their personal social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and emails because they are obviously not work related.

Watching videos and listening to music are also not allowed; hence, browsing on websites like YouTube, music streaming, and such sites are not allowed, as well.

4. Chat agents are allowed to talk while chatting.
The representatives, especially tenured ones, can talk even while chatting; their stations or area is actually and commonly interactive, sometimes noisy area.

They can giggle or even laugh, sing, slouch, play with their reclining adjustable chairs, and such things, while chatting. When it’s an Agent’s birthday, they all sing a happy birthday song. It’s like a mini party!

5. Bosses or clients bring treats, and agents love them.
It’s really nice to have a thoughtful and appreciative boss; one event that usually happens in a Live Chat area is when the bosses bring food treats for everyone, such as pizza, and they call it a pizza party.

Some foreign clients sometimes bring sweet treats like chocolates, and the Agents love it. And some even give out gifts like blankets, towels, t-shirts, and tokens of appreciation, especially if a Live Chat Agent was commended.

6. It is a sacrifice to work during holidays.
There are companies that require their Agents to work during holidays, especially if it’s their peak season.

So agents work even during holidays because some offer a 24/7 customer service, with Live Agents having schedule shifting.

What most bosses do is to set up a party dinner that is available for an entire shift with music, raffle draws, competitions on singing or dancing, and even beauty pageants.

7. Secured credit card information
The system and tools that are used in Live Chatting are safe to keep customers’ credit card numbers hidden in their records.

What the Live Chat Agents only see are the last four numbers of the card, and its type, whether it’s a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Only the customer can add a payment on their respective records or accounts, on their end.

8. When a customer commends an agent, it’s the bomb.
When a customer wants to be transferred to a supervisor, it does not always mean that it’s a negative escalation because it can be an Agent commendation.

When a Live Agent is being commended, an email is commonly sent to everyone with the Agents name and sometimes with his or her photo, and the quoted message of the customer.

It’s always nice to be appreciated and to be acknowledged by people who hardly even know an Agent personally, but was able to touch their lives.

9. The Live Chat Agents are not allowed to speak in vernaculars.
The Live Chat Agents are sometimes outsourced abroad. So, they are being trained and disciplined daily to maintain their good usage of their language skills (for example the English language). Agents speak in English at work – at all times.

Vernaculars are not allowed, even on normal and casual conversations, as long as it’s done within the office. Trainers are assigned to act like police to monitor if the Agents are following the directives.

10. Extra efforts are rendered for exceptional customer service.
There are dedicated Agents that would go beyond their way or shift time just to create a follow up on a customer’s issue. Meetings or team huddles after a 12-hour shift are being given for team updates or brainstorming.

Regular policy updates are taught beyond office hours. This is a real scenario that not many people know about,


The reason for this post is to let readers know that Live Chat Agents are genuine persons, who experience human emotions; joy, and sadness, just like you do. It’s for that reason that they can accomplish their jobs well.

If you happen to interact with an Agent, treat her well as you want her to treat you. When you enlist her help, she’ll be sure to provide you the best service ever on your website.

Overall, Live Chat Agents are real people, Sometimes other customers surmise that they are speaking with robots, but – no – they are not robots!

These 10 things show how demanding Live Chatting is.

On the other hand, it shows the advantage of Live Chatting to Agents, and how they can multitask. Being a Live Chat Agent is surely not the noblest job or the highest paid job, and they are sometimes unappreciated. But for these Live Chat Agents, it’s all worth it.

And that’s already something. The truth is, employees specifically Live Agents’ abilities or capabilities can be maximized, if they are well trained, monitored, well appreciated and acknowledged.