How Live Chat Agents can Help Accountants Get More Clients

If you’re an accountant, you can create your own website and offer your services online. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your clients and earn more income.

On your website, you can offer the various complex tasks that you do, such as:

  • Formulation and evaluation of financial reports
  • Keeping financial records precise at all times in compliance with law and regulations.
  • Work with auditors to attend to the company’s taxes and marketing system
  • Create a reliable plan regarding the return on investments and expenditures of owner
  • Monitor, evaluate, organize, balance and control finances in the most reliable way possible
  • Oversee financial processes to ensure financial records are reliable
  • Evaluate how money goes in and out of the company
  • Make sure the business owners are in complete control of their companies
  • Monitoring bank statements to check their accuracy
  • Other bookkeeping services

You can also offer accounting items for sale, such as:

  • Balance sheets
  • Notepads
  • Accounting calculators

After setting up your website, you can now hire Live Chat Agents to manage your site. The Live Chat Agents will help you save time and effort because they can help clients promptly – even when you’re not around.

Live Chat Agents can attend to present customers’ concerns on the website using the chat software and some tools, while motivating prospective clients, all at the same time.

Through the Live Chat Agents, your potential clients can schedule a consultation with you. The Agent can record the client’s concerns and then pass on the more serious tasks to you.

The Agents would be trained according to your specifications and instructions.

You can allow them to perform simple accounting tasks, such as explaining the services you provide on your website; synchronizing your online schedules with your offline activities; scheduling appointments with your clients, and other simple tasks.

Aside from those mentioned above, the essential thing is that when your prospective clients visit your website, they are attended too instantly and proficiently.

The Agents will do the general things they were trained to do for your website’s guests:

  • Encourage clients to browse more on your site
  • Discuss to visitors the advantages of hiring you as their accountant
  • Explain the usefulness of the products you sell
  • Encourage the visitors to return
  • Ensure that the visitors’ concerns are all responded to

These Agents will be trained by the dedicated account manager assigned to your site, so that they can respond to simple accounting questions asked by your customers.

If you’re all set-up with your website and you’re ready to hire Live Chat Agents, you can do so, by signing up for the services.

There are various companies offering Live Chat Agents’ services. You have to ascertain that the company is legitimate and legal.

One of these companies that you can rely on is the They are offering now a free 60-day trial period. Run over to the site and sign up, before they end up their promo.

Here are the steps you can follow:

Step #1 – Sign up for the free trial
Sign up for the free trial offered on the website. Make sure you provide the correct information and data. You may want to double check your answers before submitting your form.

Step #2 – The assigned account manager will contact you
After you have signed up, an account manager is assigned to you. He/she will contact you to ask more information about your website: What your business is all about; what do you want the Agents to focus on; what are your preferences, and so forth.

This data will be used in training the Live Chat Agents assigned to you. So, you may want them to learn the basics of your profession, and the tasks that you do.

Step #3 – The manager trains the Live Agents
The Live Chat Agents are then trained accordingly. They have already been trained with the common skills Live Chat Agents must possess. The training is for the facts about your website. When the manager thinks they are ready, he/she informs you.

Step #4 – The Live Chat software is installed on your website
Next, is the installation of the Chat software or the Chat Box. This is for free, courtesy of the company. You have hired only their Agents but the company provides the software, free of charge.

In addition there are no binding contracts that prevent you from discontinuing the service, if you’re not impressed with the performance of the Live Chat Agents.

When you give the ‘go’ signal, your Live Chat Agents will then go live.

Step #5 – Live Chat Agents go into action
Your Agents will now start engaging your website visitors. The Chat Box pops up whenever a visitor opens your site. The Agent greets the visitor and asks him, how she can help. It’s now the choice of the guest whether to engage the Agent or not.

Step #6 – The Live Chat Agent attends to the visitors’ needs
The Agent doesn’t leave the visitor. She stays alert on the Chat Box, whether the visitor talks to her or not. She will be there 24/7 – taking care of each of your prospective clients.

Step #7 – A transcript of the conversation is provided the client
If the visitors request transcripts of the conversations, these can be given to them. This is to help the potential clients remember what transpired for their future use.


As an accountant with a website, you need assistance in monitoring your visitors. The Live Chat Agents will manage professionally your site in your place. You don’t have to worry about your guests leaving your site because no one was there to answer their questions.

With your Agents’ skills, they can help generate traffic to your website; increase potential clients and eventually, boost your income.

Don’t wait for the competition to beat you to this incredible service. Be on top of your profession by adopting effective ways to gain clients, while rendering competent accounting services.