Liam was a struggling blogger who decided to make blogging his main source of income. However, he soon discovered that it was not as easy as he though it would be.

At first, blogging was just his hobby. He had blogged about his travelling experiences and shared the joys of his travels.

He assumed that if he played his cards right, he could make big money from blogging. So, he persisted. But unluckily, his attempts were not as successful as he planned them to be.

“Why don’t you go, find a real job?” his mom prompted him one day, while he slouched lazily. “You’re a certified couched potato,” his mother threw a dismayed glance at him, when he didn’t respond.

Liam was vaguely aware of his mom’s suggestions but his mind was busy churning out plans on how he could boost his blog’s earnings.

After getting tired of watching TV, he went back despondently to his lap top. I have to think of something, he cajoled himself. He researched online and found out that he could earn by posting ads. Religiously, he displayed ads for a month; nonetheless, the increase in his earnings was merely cents.

He was frustrated.

What he was earning was not even enough for him to buy a decent snack. He was 23 years old and still depending on his mom for his living expenses.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Liam,” he reprimanded himself.

He wished lady luck would at least smile at him. His wish was granted when one day, as he was browsing the web, in search of strategies to earn online, he chanced upon a blogger who has raving about his success using a Live Chat service.

Liam grew curious; Wait, he thought, this is something new. Why don’t I give it a try? But I don’t have the finances yet, so I have to search for a free service, he concluded.

And so, he browsed online, carefully going over the pros and cons of each company. He was surfing diligently when he chance upon a Live Chat service that provides a Free 15-day trial. He was so delighted that he jumped up and down and run around in his room.

OMG, there’s one that I could use for free!

On the website, the Chat Box has opened automatically and the Live Agent was asking how she can help him.

This is awesome! Liam said to himself. Let’s see how fast she replies, he grinned and typed: “Hi, may I know where to sign-up for the free trial?”

The reply came within seconds. Oh, my, it really works! Liam was pleasantly surprised.

“To better assist you, I need to forward your inquiry to one of our teams to contact you in the soonest time. May I have your complete name, email address (yahoo mail or gmail account) and contact number please?”

Liam stared at his lap top monitor and thought; that was a smooth maneuver by the Live Agent. She was fast to the draw, asking already about my contact numbers. Wow!

He provided the information that the Agent asked for, and wondered how long would he wait for his free 15-day trial Chat service.

It wasn’t long when Liam was contacted by the dedicated account manager, who asked him what his blog was all about and what business was he engaged in.

After their extensive business talk, the manager informed him that he will train the Live Agents and will get back to him ASAP.

“You’re so engrossed on your online activities, you’ve forgotten to eat,” Liam’s mom scolded him. “Here, have some tuna sandwich and orange juice. It would nourish you for now. Come down when you’re done,” his mom gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Yup, mom; you’re the best! I love you!” He shouted back at her as she was descending the stairs.

Liam was hovering on cloud nine. The Live Chat service will soon be installed that day.

He was restless, like a kid waiting for his first joy ride. There were butterflies in his stomach and he was holding his breath.

After a few hours, his Chat service went Live. He was delirious with pleasure. He was certain; he would be able to make it this time.

As soon as he accessed his blog, a Chat Box popped up and a Live Agent asked him: “Hi, how may I help you?”

It’s working. It’s working! Liam’s face lighted up with satisfaction. At last, his Live Chat can be used by his customers, no matter how few they are.

The following week was a myriad of activities for Liam. On the third day of the Live Chat, Liam noticed that his visitors had significantly increased. He was attending too to some visitors, who wanted to buy some products from his website.

It was a busy but happy week for Liam. The website visitors stayed longer as the Agent engaged them in a fruitful conversation.

His dreams of being able to earn for a living was finally coming true. He was also earning more from the ads displayed on his website.

After the Live Chat was installed, his online visitors and ad earnings increased. His blog was now found on the first pages of Search Engines results. It was a new high for him.

Eventually, Liam was able to afford a domain name and hosting services. As his website developed more, his online presence began to be felt by online surfers, and his pages were being viewed constantly.

He was grateful that he was bold enough to start using the Live Chat service, or he would have been a struggling blogger till the end.

“Hey, pro blogger,” his mom teased him, “a penny for your thoughts. Thanks for treating me to dinner. It was delicious,” she linked her arm with his, and they bubbled with laughter.

Then they walked hand in hand towards their car. Liam looked up at the stars and said to himself, thank you Live Chat for this wonderful opportunity!