Are you a wedding planner who wants to create your own website? That’s a good plan. With a website, you can advertise your business with the least cost. It would also expose your services to the whole world.

Anyone who has an Internet can connect to you within seconds. There’s whole world of opportunities waiting for you out there.

What more, if you have a Live Chat Agent assisting you in attending to the concerns of visitors on your website; they would stay longer and would continue browsing your services and products.

But first, what are the steps that you should do? Here they are.

Steps in creating a wedding planner’s website:

#1 – Determine your budget.
How much money do you intend to spend on your site? What about its monthly maintenance, how much is allotted? If you don’t want to spend money in creating your site, there are various options you can resort to.

#2 – Choose whether to use free sites or ‘paid’ sites.
You can choose from either blogger or WordPress for free blogs. WordPress, however, has limitations in advertising, and is more complex than blogger. Thus, blogger is preferable to many.

On, you can create your site for free. The only problem is that online surfers may not take you seriously. Using paid hosting would convince online users that you mean business.

If you choose to use your own domain name and paid hosting, you could choose from various hosting providers and domain names.

Select a domain name that represents your business. Example:, or

When choosing your hosting service, go over customers’ reviews, and base your selection from these reviews. But you have to read all reviews from different websites or blogs to ascertain that these are unbiased.

Hostgator and Blue Host are two of the most used hosting services. But you have the option to choose your own based on your preferences.

The costs of the domain name and hosting will depend upon the package that you have selected. On a monthly basis, it may cost somewhere around $30 to $50.

#3 – Create your website.
After you have purchased your domain name and hosting, you can now create your own website. There are many free themes you can choose from. Choose the theme that is appropriate for your wedding planner website.

Don’t be in such haste. Go over the themes carefully, before deciding on one.

There are also themes for sale that can be customized for your website. A theme can cost around $25 to $200, depending on its design.

For starters, you can use the free themes first. You can always change your theme to something better, when your business flourishes. The most important thing is that you have your own domain name and host.

#4 – Customize your website.
You can now position items on the pages of your website. You can also add plug-ins and other features. Don’t forget your Live Chat App. Visit Help Desk 247 to sign up for the 15-day free trial, so that they can install the app quickly – for free.

By the way, the Live Chat App is free. It comes with the services of the Chat Agents.

As for the other plug-ins, you can easily install them by clicking and positioning them where you want them to be. Also, you can activate and deactivate the plug-ins without any problems.

You should post photos of your previous jobs; your contact number; and other pertinent information or data that are vital to your customers.

#5 – Connect your DNS server to your hosting company.
Follow the instructions of your hosting company to connect your DNS server. You could ask the assistance of their technical support. The DNS is generally resolved after 24 to 72 hours. If it takes longer than that, contact the hosting company’s support staff.

#6 – Write your first post.
You should welcome your visitors to your website. Explain what the website is all about. Provide a list of the services that you can provide.

Be amiable in your post, like you’re talking to a friend. Engage your readers to react to your post. Write in such a manner that your visitors would feel welcome and comfortable.

When writing, use the first and second persons; it’s less formal. Include images that could support the idea of your post, as well. Try to write a post daily or every other day. This will keep the posts fresh; thereby, prompting search engines to crawl your site more frequently.

#7 – Activate your website online.
You can now publish your post online, and start your online business. Post the URL of your first post on social media sites, such as Facebook (FB), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You are letting the world know about the existence of your website.

Obviously, you have to sign-up for these sites before you can post your links. There would be no problem because memberships in these sites are free.

You will have to manage your social media accounts properly in order to succeed in advertising your services on your website. You could open a page on FB that focuses on the services you provide on your website.

Your website will gradually gain its authority and Page Rank as your website’s visitors grow in number.

You don’t have to watch over your site 24/7, the Live Chat Agent will do so. You can do more important tasks as a website manager and owner.


As a wedding planner, creating your own website is a superb plan. Now, all you have to do is to manage your site competently and be on the lookout for leads. These leads will be reported to you by the Chat Agent.

Don’t worry about your website’s visitors because they will be attended to promptly by your highly skilled Chat Agents. That’s why it’s crucial that you have them on your site.

Enjoy managing your website. You would definitely increase your customers as people come to know more about your services as a wedding planner.

You have finally taken that one big step to expand your wedding planner-business online. Congratulations!