How a Doctor Used Live Chat Agents to Increase His Clients

As a doctor, Ted was not computer savvy. He knew about typing and all that stuff, but when it comes to the technology involved online, he simply didn’t want anything to do with it. He reasoned out that he was too old to be tinkering with apps he barely understood.

“You do it,” he would often say, when his nurse-assistant requested him to go over the interactive design that an engineer sent for their new receiving room.

Nurse Ava was a computer addict though, who knew everything there is to learn about online technology and apps.

One day, while they were having lunch in the clinic’s dining room, Ava blurted out:

“Doc, may I make a suggestion?” Ava eyed Dr. Rodney cautiously. She was still somewhat scared of the bespectacled middle-aged man before her.

“What is it,” Dr. Rodney asked impatiently. “C’mon spit it out.”

“Why don’t we create a website for our clinic?” she suggested.

Ava had been planning to ask this question since the day she first started working, but she kept putting it off because she was scared the doctor would scold her. He had never been friendly to anyone.

“I can do it for you, for free,” she boasted.

“And why do we need a website?” he asked her with disapproval.

“Because we need to let the public know about our services, sir,” Ava replied, controlling the exasperation in her voice.

“We have enough patients, do we need more?” Dr. Rodney was unmoved. “It would mean additional work for you.”

“I would gladly embrace work if it means more people getting well. You’re a good cardiologist and people must know this,” Ava insisted. “On the website we can also post our activities, send messages to our patients, and monitor them.”

“Okay, if you insist, go ahead,” Dr. Rodney finally agreed.

Ava immediately sat before the computer and started creating their website. She loved discovering things online and this was play time for her.

She selected a green-colored theme and she customized the site so beautifully that it appeared classy and professional.

When Ava showed the website to Dr. Rodney, he was surprised how decent-looking it appeared.

“Great!” he nodded his head.

“That’s all, Doc?” Ava waited for more compliments.

But there was no more.

Ava didn’t mind, the doctor was known for his indifference. Nonetheless, Ava knew it was only his shield against the prying eyes of other people. At 49, he was still single, and at times people grew curious.

Dr. Rodney hated talking about his life, though. So, he pretended to be indifferent. Ava was able to see right through him after a few days of working.

The clinic’s website got a few hits during the first week. After the second week, the traffic doubled. Ava had started giving the URL of their website to patients, who were having consultations. “Kindly visit our website,” she said.

On the 3rd week, their clients tripled and Ava had a hard time managing both offline and online patients.

“Doc, I need help. I can’t manage our online website. Our patients have tripled,” she declared in no uncertain terms.

“Look, it’s you who suggested this in the first place,” The doctor pointed it out to her.

“I know, Doc. I know. We have to hire a Live Chat Agent,” Ava said, showing her sweetest smile to Dr. Rodney.

“No, Ma’am,” he shook his head, “that would be expensive.”

“No, sir; it’s not,” Ava insisted. “There’s a website offering a free trial for 15 days.”

“You’ve thought of everything,” Rodney smiled back. “Okay, let’s do it. You do it.”

Ava didn’t wait for the doctor to change his mind. She quickly signed up for the free trial. The support staff members were friendly, and her questions were answered promptly. That’s what efficiency means, Ava was glad she had signed up with them.

After a few days, the Live Chat app was installed in the website. It was a pleasant sight to behold for Ava. She will no longer man the site. A highly-trained Live Agent would be doing the tasks for her.

When Ava showed the doctor the website with the Live Chat box installed, he was eager to try it out.

“Let’s see if it works,” he smiled. He was smiling more often these days, Ava thought.

When the doctor clicked the Chat option, the box opened and the Live Agent ask him how she can help him. Dr. Rodney grinned from ear to ear as he typed. “I own this website.” He was being playful.

“Oh, welcome sir,” the Chat Agent typed. “How are you doin?”

“I’m good,” the doctor typed, “I have to go back. I have a patient now. Have a good day.”

The doctor beamed at Ava.

Ava bade goodbye, as well, as more patients entered the clinic.

They worked like crazy until 7 p.m.

The next days were busy too. There were many leads reported by the Live Chat Agents to the doctor. The number of patients was steadily growing and Dr. Rodney’s timetable was full.

His previous patients had remained loyal to him because of his competent treatment. In the first month of using the Live Chat Agents, the website visitors stayed longer and browsed the clinic’s website.

The Live Agents also made sure no one left the site without asking what they were looking for. They were able to convert leads to patients. There were questions from patients in faraway places and the doctor wanted to reply to them one by one.

But he was busy. Instead, he had prepared an outline for the Agents to refer to, whenever they need the information.

Within the month, Dr. Rodney’s patients increased even more, and the doctor was delighted. He would be able to help many patients with cardiac diseases.

He went over to Ava and said, “Thanks for overseeing the website.”

“No problem,” Ava winked at the doctor. “I’m not coming on to you, doc,” she stated firmly.

“Ha ha ha,” the doctor howled with laughter. “You’re really something, young woman. But, thank you for creating our website. Thank you for hiring Live Chat Agents.”