Are you a professional who wants to try all means to increase traffic to your website and boost your sales? Do you want to minimize your advertising cost but increase your conversions? Apparently, your answers to these questions would be ‘yes’.

Whether you’re a physical therapist, a dentist, a doctor, a lawyer, a physiotherapist, or a nutritionist, creating a website would broaden your reach and increase your clients. And you might not realize it, but you can do more than just offering your services. You can also:

  • Write eBooks and sell them on your website
  • Sell other related items to your profession (videos, articles, freebies)
  • Advertise whatever products you have
  • Post advisories and announcements about events
  • Post affiliated links to significant websites related to your profession

Aside from these, there are still numerous money making ventures you can do with your website.

If you noticed, all the services above can be facilitated by one online service – Live Chat Agents. Wouldn’t these services be more promoted when a real person on your website talks about them?

Let’s consider them one by one:

Marketing of eBooks that you wrote

So, you’re selling your books to your visitors. That’s a wonderful idea. The World Wide Web exposes your books to all people in the world, who have an Internet connection and a computer. If they want to buy your book, they can pay directly to your online account. Isn’t that awesome?

But imagine if you know how to maximize the sale of your book; you would be laughing your way to the bank.

Consider the first scenario:

The book is displayed on your website. The visitor visits your website; looks at it in passing then continues to browse. The visitor doesn’t realize the value of your book because no one explained to him why he should buy that book.

Consider the second scenario:

The Live Chat Agent detects the visitor as he accesses your site. She instantly greets him, and asks him what he needs. The visitor will ask about the book, because it has caught his attention.

The Live Chat Agent explains the gist of the book and why it’s important that the visitor should secure a copy.

In what scenario would the visitor, most likely, buy the book? Is it from the store with no saleslady or the store with a saleslady?

Definitely, the visitor will buy the book from the store with the saleslady (Live Agent). This is because he learned about the importance of the book.

Selling related items to your profession

If you’re a physical therapist, you may sell crutches and similar items on your site. It’s the same as the book. If no one is there on your website to explain the pros and cons of the crutches, the visitors are more likely to scan the page and leave.

However, if a Live Chat Agent is there to discuss why those crutches are different from others, then the probability of the visitors buying the item is increased.

These goes true with all the other products you have on your website. To be more effective in selling, there must be a ‘salesperson’ on the site.

Announcements of events

This is also applicable with announcement of events or activities related to the site. Although the details of the event could be read on site, it’s still ideal that someone should be there to reply to the additional questions that your potential client has in mind.

Another splendid alternative to this is to invite the visitors to sign up for the email list. This allows the announcement of activities and events through the customers’ emails.

This will ensure that the customer never misses opportunities for discounts, sales and free items.

Affiliated links

These links could also be explained by the Agent, so, the prospective client would come to learn about them and why they are posted on your website. Understandably, the Agent may only explain this to those interested in the links.

But if the Agent is adept enough, she can direct the attention of other surfers to whatever part of the site she wants to.

To put it plainly, when a real person is manning the ‘store’, the buyers would be attended to properly and sufficiently.

Obviously, you can opt to man your website on your own, but you should be a smart worker. Work less but earn more. Learn how to delegate work, so you can be more productive.

One way of doing this is to hire responsible and Class-A Live Chat Agents to manage your site. Let them do the marketing and advertising for you.

Through the Live Chat Agents, your site would be manned 24/7; that’s 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You would never miss any of your potential customers.

You can have time to write more books, and attend to the more significant tasks for your website, such as consultation with your clients, attending continuing education for your profession, cementing partnerships with colleagues in your profession, and meeting investors.

You can hire a reliable Live Chat Agent from a reputable company and be free from worry on managing your site.

And yes, you can also monetize your site by adding ads from other advertising companies, such as Google AdSense, Chitika and Infolinks. You can earn big money from these ads, once your site generates huge traffic.

With the help of your Live Chat Agents, you can do this because more online users would return to your site due to their good users’ experience.


Be among the smart professionals, who do not only depend on their services to their clients as their sole source of income, but also in selling items and products related to their profession. Refer to items mentioned above.

Furthermore, it’s essential that a person manages the site to ascertain that each visitor is attended to sufficiently and properly.

The Live Chat Agents are excellent professionals that you can entrust your website to. Remember to list down all the things you want them to accomplish.

And watch the significant growth of your traffic, lead conversions and sales.