Setup Questions

How long does it take to get Live Chat started on my website?
How do I get the Live Chat working on my website?
Do I need to be technically savvy ? Do I need to install anything for Live Chat?
What countries do you support?
What are the businesses you support for Live Chat Management Service?
Do you customize the look & add my logo on Live Chat window?
Who is notified of new chat leads and how?
How do agents learn my business to answer my Live Chats?
How many Live Chat websites your shared agents handle at a time?
Do I need to be available 24 X 7 if I use your Live Chat Service?
What is your response time for Live Chat Leads?


Pricing Questions

How do you differentiate between packages if all your packages have unlimited live chats?
What happens after the Free Live Chat Trial?
Is there a setup fee? Are there any hidden costs for Live Chat Monitoring?
How am I billed for chat leads? Is there a variable cost or fixed cost?
How is your Live Chat Service so cheap?
Where are your chat agents physically based?
What is the cost for your managed live chat service?
How do I cancel my live chat service account?
Is there a contract?
What's included in the monthly fees?
How will I pay?
What is your uptime Live chat guarantee?


Benefits Questions

What happens during a live chat session?
How do live chat agents answer specific questions about my business?
What if the live chat agent does not know the answer?
What is a proactive live chat invite?
How can proactive live chat invite increase my sale?
Why is your live chat service so effective?
Do I really need a live chat service for my website?
How can I be sure that my business information is secured?
Will you sell my leads? How can I trust you?