You’re in the loop if you know the 8 key metrics to look for in Live Chat Agents. This means you’re updated with current marketing strategies and Live Apps.

Nowadays, a website without Live Chat Agents is missing out on excellent opportunities to broaden its clientele and to make money.

However, before hiring Live Chat Agents, you have to know what to look for. The most important things to consider are the effectiveness and efficiency of Chat Agents. Furthermore, you can measure their performances through these 8 key metrics.

These are the 8 key metrics that you should look for when enlisting the help of Live Chat Agents.

8 Key Metrics to Look for in Live Chat Agents

1. Amount of simultaneous chats she can handle
You may want to know the Live Chat Agent’s performance during simultaneous chats. Was she able to attend to each client successfully? Did the clients leave the chat contented and happy? How many clients can she attend to simultaneously?

2. Personal chat records
These are the records of the Live Agent regarding the number of chats she had successfully terminated; the amount of time used to complete each chat sessions; the number of chats she was able to handle; and the number of chats she offered.

By knowing these facts, you can obtain a sort of evaluation on the Agent’s performance.

3. Skill in using canned responses
The Agent must also be skilled in using canned or automatic responses. She should know when to use them. These canned responses are usually used when general responses are required.

4. Speed in responding to clients
The Agent must be quick when responding to clients. Instant responses are expected from highly trained Chat Agents. The response speed must be within seconds. This is expected even when simultaneous chats are being conducted.

They have been previously trained in this type of scenario; hence, nothing less is expected from them.

5. Amount of time spent in concluding chat
The time spent by the Agent in concluding chats is considered, as well. The length of time in concluding the chat must be shorter, but should yield fruitful results to both parties.

If the time spent is longer than expected (within a few minutes), then the Agent must undergo re-training before assigned to work again.

After the conclusion of the chat, the client should leave the site, satisfied and glad of her/his chat experience.

6. Amount of time in actual chat
The amount of time differs, and is based on the client’s concerns. The Agent must know how to use time wisely and avoid meandering meaninglessly during conversations.

She must have the ability to respond to all of the clients’ questions, without spending time uselessly. In this regard, she must know how to use brief but concise sentences during the conversation.

Instead of saying: “The purpose of the A product is to provide safe materials for the patient.”

The Agent can say: “The A product is used to provide safe materials for the patient.”

7. Amount of time in resolving issues
The Agent must know how to resolve problems or issues swiftly. This reflects her reliability in conducting her responsibilities. The quicker the Agent resolves the problem, the more clients she can attend to.

Thus, in order to be able to resolve the problems quickly, she must have sufficient knowledge of the company she’s working for. In fact, the Agent has the responsibility to learn all the basic facts about the company.

8. Typing skills
The Agent must have a typing skill of 45 words per minute – at least. Faster than this, is excellent.

You should hire a Live Chat Agent who can type at least 45WPM without compromising grammar, spelling, appropriate punctuation marks and terminologies.

Why the need for a fast typist? It is most needed since a Chat Agent is expected to multi-task and to serve several clients simultaneously. It can become difficult if the Agent is slow in his typing skill. You need a typing veteran.

There are several firms offering Live Chat services; hence, you can choose from any of them.

You must be careful to scrutinize the capability of these companies before you engage their services. You must consider the following factors:

  • The firm should be legitimate
  • It has the capability to meet your requirements
  • It employs qualified and competent Live Chat Agents
  • It can ensure the delivery of the required services
  • A staff is always available for consultations
  • It has excellent support staff, whether technical or non-technical
  • It has no downtime in its Live Chat software or application
  • The training manager is an expert in training Agents
  • The Live Chat Agents’ service is reliable and affordable
  • You have the final say on what should be implemented on your website
  • The staff are friendly and accommodating
  • A staff responds promptly to problems with the Live Chat Agents and/or the Live Chat software

You may want to go over the customers’ reviews of each service provider. Its reliability is typically reflected in these reviews. A review rating of 80% and above is considered satisfactory, or a star rating of 4 stars and above is acceptable.

The track record of each company will also give you an idea of the Live Chat Agents’ and service providers’ competence. The rule of thumb is that, the longer they have been in the business, the more trustworthy they are.


These are the key metrics in looking for Live Chat Agents. These are the qualifications of the Live Chat Agents that you must employ in your company. Embark on the selection process judiciously.

This is because the success of the Live Chat Agents is your triumph too. The Live Agents on your website are the faces of your company. You must consider them your employees, who would assist you in taking your company to greater heights of success.

So, take a leap of faith and hire your Live Chat Agents now to monetize your website. Use the metrics above to choose them. Earn more from your website by hiring the best Live Chat Agents online.