7 Specific Businesses that Need Live Chat Agents

Business competition has become fiercer as businesses realize the crucial role that Live Chat Apps play in the growth of companies worldwide. It has been revealed in studies that businesses employing Live Chat Agents are a step ahead in terms of sales and income compared to those without.

This information prompted many business owners to seriously consider engaging Live Chat Agents. If you are a businessman desiring to succeed in your chosen line of business, you have to jump in the bandwagon if you don’t want to be left behind when other firms are establishing their niche in the industry.

There are plenty of business options available for you. Here are some of the major types of businesses you can invest in:

Production and manufacturing

This type of business produces goods for sale. While they differ on the inputs that they use to develop an output, they do use the same process. It involves several processes to come out with a product. Example is General Electric.


These are businesses that offer their skills. Examples of which are banks, schools, consultancy firms, towing business and massage parlors.

Retail or buy and sell

These types of businesses are those that do reselling of products. They buy a product and sell it with a mark-up. They gain by selling products at a higher price than the acquisition costs.

Other businesses

These are businesses that cannot be categorized under any of the 3 types. However, if they can be categorized based on the greater focus of the business, they can be included.

If you are a start-up company and still deciding which business to embark on, you can explore and discover the business fitted to you and how to go about it. Here are the steps you need to observe:

1. Know your capabilities and interest
It is important that you assess your capabilities in running a specific business and whether this is of interest to you. You may be good in one business but not in another.

There must be a combination of your competence and passion to do the business. If you don’t have these qualities, refrain from starting that business.

2. Develop your business plan
After you determine the business you want to engage in. You have to do your plan. Your plan contains the description of your target clients, your ultimate goal, the funds you need for the business and their sources.

The business plan spells out the progress of your company at any given time, strategies in addressing risks and the resources needed to sustains solutions to risks issues.

3. Consider your finances
Your budget available for investment must be considered in your chosen line of business. Different types of businesses call for different financial requirements. A budget for a supermarket is different from that of a fine dining restaurant because of the individual business requirement.

4. Decide the form of your business
You can choose to become a sole proprietor, find a business partner or form a corporation. The form of business you want to do is a requisite in securing the necessary permits and licenses. It is therefore important that you identify which form of business you like to work on.

If you go for either partnership or corporation, you need to choose your partner or incorporators. Find people who have the same passion as you and those that can help you grow your business.

5. Do a feasibility study
Before launching any business, you must undertake a feasibility study to ascertain the viability of the business in terms of ROI.

The FS is a helpful tool in determining which business is profitable and which one is doomed. This saves you from unexpected negative impact such as financial losses.

6. Secure the required government licenses and permits
After the feasibility study, you secure your license and permit to operate and accreditation from the government.

There are different sets of requirements in obtaining permits across countries. If you are establishing a business in other locations, you have to know the processes and requirements.

7. Make known your business
Let your target clients know you are open for business. Advertise using the different medium such as social media, broadcast and print and of course Live Chat Agents.

There are plenty of business options available for you. After you have identified where your interest lie by following the tips on how to select a business provided in the previous discussion, here are the specific business you can choose from that requires Live Chat Agents:

#1 – Travel & Tours Business
A travel and tours business is aimed at providing travel and tours services such as airline reservations, hotel accommodations, visa and travel documents preparation, insurance, rentals for tour vehicles and many more.

These services require Live Chat Agents’ 24/7, 365 days service to enable clients to make the necessary arrangement any time.

If you are into this business, round-the-clock service of a Live Chat Agent is a must. Otherwise, you lose many of your customers to other agencies.

#2 – Hotels and Inns Business
You cannot control the influx of visitors to a place. Hotels and inns don’t cater only to locals but has presence in the international arena. Visitors choose to come and go as they want. Since this is the trend, there is not much choice of hotels but to stay 24/7.

Calls for reservations can come in any time due to the different time zones that countries have. In order to serve this industry, Live Chat Agents are a must. Business owners of this kind of businesses cannot afford to forego employing Live Chat Agents or they lose to their competitors.

#3 – Banking Businesses
Since online banking services increased in the past several years and are continuously increasing, demand for online assistance increased tremendously.

The bank owners saw the need to hire the services of Live Chat Agents to assist online banking clients with their needs. This situation required them to get the services of the Live Chat Agents to make the bank’s services available when these are needed.

#4 – Restaurants and Diners
There are always people awake even at night, those working until the wee hours of the morning, They would certainly need food.

Restaurants and diners need to be on a 24/7 work hours to serve these people. You may be asked to deliver food to various locations for different people during the night or anytime of the day.

If you do not have Live Chat Agents to respond to queries and take orders, you are losing to those who chose to be on the clock.

#5 – e Store
For several years now, customers prefer to purchase online not only due to convenience but because they are served promptly and well. Products are available and are delivered to their doorsteps.

Queries on the products displayed on the websites are answered instantly by Live Chat Agents.

Business owners who embarked on online store businesses should maintain services on a 24-hour scheme. This ensures that their clients will stay loyal.

#6 – Telecommunications business
Businesses on communications need to be on a 24/7 business hours to be able to cater to their clients every time.

These companies must have customer support centers that will take care of customer concerns such as repairs, line installations, internet connections and the like. Queries on services and products must be accessed instantly with Live Chat Agents.

#7 – Car rental businesses
One of the major businesses that would need the services of Live Chat Agents is the car rental business. Online queries on prices, services, areas of coverage, and details of services are some of the areas that people needing to hire a car need to know which they can get through a Live Chat Agent.


As a business owner, you need customer support to boost your business and increase your sales. The Live Chat Agents in your employ can contribute to the attainment of your goal to increase your income.