Increased sales, leads and traffic are definitely on your top priority after setting up your Physical Therapy website. In relation to this, a great communication platform is a must.

Some may go for phone support, email, or instant messenger services. But of the various ways to connect with customers, a Live Chat Agent has the greatest potential to communicate with your patients properly.

Don’t you think this sounds great for your online website? Here are the reasons why you should start this platform today.

1. Improved patients’ reach
The primary reason why you set up a website is to increase your patients’ reach. Do not limit your opportunities within your locality or country. Instead of just waiting for walk-in patients around your area, you wish to cater to various people all around the world.

However, the key is to translate your visitors into actual clients. The best way to do this is by hiring Live Chat Agents to assist them in their purchases.

If they have question about your ultrasound machines, crutches, wheelchairs, hot packs or other products and services, your Live Chat Agents can handle them.

A professional who understands the needs of the customers will ensure that a visitor does not leave empty handed. They will leave your site with new purchases but also new information to help them on their next visit.

2. Convenient to customers/patients
Being disconnected from customers/patients is one of the problems of many websites.

Visitors feel that they are entering a shop with no employees to assist them. As a result, they simply leave without conversions. With the popularity of online businesses, clients are no longer willing to wait for hours or days to get your response.

Plus, having to send you an email or place a call on a toll-free number is an exhausting job for many. Even when you have a “contact us” button – if Live Chat Agents are not available – your visitors might just leave your site and the potential lead is lost.

If you want to attract more clicks on your page, you need to make it convenient to visitors. You have to address their queries right away and attend to their shopping needs immediately.

Clients who need fast response on your sports rehabilitation services or physical therapy professional consultations will definitely go back to your website because of instant responses from Live Agents.

3. Puts You on Top of the Competition
In the world-wide-web, you are definitely not alone in offering you products and services. There are countless number of companies that sell paraffin wax, bandages, whirlpool and other equipment for physical therapy.

With your Live Chat Agents, friendly and real-time support access reaches your customers and this gives you an edge over your other competitors. Your proactive website distinguishes your company from other passive physical therapy websites.

Remember, clients want to deal with businesses that make support easy, instantaneous and hassle free. Quick and reliable answers to customers, is the key ingredient to better customer service.

4. Solves Problems Faster
Providing step-by-step instructions through email or phone support can be very difficult. Troubleshooting your Physical Therapy machines and equipment requires real-time communication.

If customers experience problem, finding a solution can be a lot easier if you have a Live Chat Agent who can give detailed and clear directions through the chat window.

This can even save you from having to handle a grouchy unattended customer. Live Chat Agents can be your most needed disaster controller. They help solve problems faster than phone support platform or email.

Instead of leaving bad reviews about you, a well-treated client can be a source of referral later on. So, do not miss out the opportunity for future referrals. Get an employee to handle the stress for you and let your satisfied customer increase your sales through word of mouth.

5. Generate actual report and analytics
Being an owner of a company is not easy. You need to generate reports from your departments to better improve your business.

Along with Live Chat, one of the advantages of this communication platform is the power to review all chat histories and the conversation between your clients and the agent.

Data allows you to see the number of visitors in your site, the chats accepted or ignored and the common issues encountered. You can also monitor the performance of Live Chat Agents and whether correct information has been given to your clients.

In the field of Physical Therapy, you need to hire only those with good background in medicine. People who have medical sales experience ensure that your products and services are delivered correctly and accurately.

6. Discovers pain points
Pain points are the usual problems encountered by customers on certain products.

Knowing the pain points in Physical Therapy can help you improve your products, address queries immediately by incorporating the basic information on the landing page.

Example of common pain points in Physical Therapy include types of bandages and if there is a one-size-fits-all wheelchair and crutches.

By reviewing the chat conversation of your Agents, you can easily pinpoint the issues shared by customers on your products and services.

7. Cuts Overall Expenses
Phone support can cost you huge amount of money. You need one Agent for each of the current calls you get. With Live Chats, a well-trained Agent is able to handle 3-5 chats simultaneously.

For example, the same employee can handle a client’s queries on wheelchairs, another visitor’s interest on sports clinic and a patient’s need for a therapist’s consultation schedule.

All of these topics can be done through multi-tasking of a number of Live Chat Agents. Instead of hiring multiple phone support workers, you can do it well with only a few professional Live Chat employees.

Expand your market reach today. Turn your website into a quick and easy access for your customers.

Modern platforms available do not only allow Agents to receive chat requests, but to initiate them as well. It is like having a ready salesperson entertain your visitors anytime they come.