If you’re still not hiring Live Chat Agents for your website, you’re losing a lot of earnings. A number of Internet surfers are now aware of the advantages of Live Chats and prefer using them over email or phone calls.

Numerous visitors have experienced how Live Chat Agents in other websites were able to answer their questions within seconds. Their exposures to Chat were positive that they feel comfortable now using Live Chats.

If you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, a tutor, a licensed professional, or an entrepreneur, who has an existing website, this is your chance to increase your sales using a Live Chat service.

So, what are the 6 easy ways to do this?

#1 – Visit Help Desk 247.
Visit the website of Help Desk 247 and sign up for the 15-day free trial package. Provide all necessary information, and ask your questions about the services from the Live Chat Agent. You can also read all the facts about the Chat services on the website.

Observe how the Chat Box operates and derive your conclusions. However, you may want to put off your conclusion after the 15-day trial period. This way, your conclusions would be more accurate.

#2 – Account Manager will communicate with you to finalize agreement.
In cases when the information you provided is insufficient, the tech support or the dedicated account manager of Help Desk 247 would talk to you for more data about your website.

These data will help him train and orient the Live Agents in manning your site appropriately.

Also, the account manager will pass on essential information about your website to the Live Agents, so they can answer the questions of the visitors correctly.

In instances when the Agent doesn’t know the answer, the question is replied to courteously and reported to the staff, which you have authorized. If the person still doesn’t know the answer, the question is noted and a staff will contact you about the correct answer.

The unanswered questions asked and the answers are recorded, so that they can act as references in the future.

#3 – The Live Chat software is installed.
The company installs the Live Chat software, and the Live Chat Agent starts her task. As soon as the Chat app is installed and tested, it goes Live immediately.

There is almost no downtime to the app, but 100% uptime. There’s a possibility of a 1% downtime, however, that rarely happens.

You can contact the support specialist, in case there are any problems with the Chat Box. You don’t need to be an expert in technology because there are excellent support personnel, who can troubleshoot quickly whatever the problem is.

Lay back and relax, and allow the Chat Agent to manage your visitors for you.

#4 – The Live Chat Agent engages the website visitors.
The Live Agent goes to work by welcoming the visitors to the website – as soon as they arrive – by saying: “Hello, how may I help you?”

The visitor can opt to reply to the Live Chat message, or proceed to browse your website. Nonetheless, most visitors would reply to the Agent. This will, certainly, increase your chances of gaining customers.

It has been discovered that surfers prefer to chat because they get prompt answers to their questions. In addition, chatting is less cumbersome and more convenient.

The longer the visitor stays on your website, the more likely she would convert to a customer.

#5 – The Live Chat Agent contacts you about your leads.
When the Agent finds leads, she will notify you, based on what your chosen mode of communication is. There will be a transcript of the conversation between the Agent and the prospective client. You may want to request a copy.

You could act on the leads quickly, or simply instruct the Agent to communicate with the prospective customer.

The best course of action is to contact the customer yourself. This is because your potential customer may have additional questions that, only you, know the answer to.

Don’t miss that chance to conclude a transaction. Being alert is crucial to a successful sale.

#6 – Convert your leads into loyal customers.
You can now convert your leads into your loyal customers by rendering a satisfactory service, or delivering a quality product. It’s now up to you to boost your sales. You would have to use some marketing skills.

The baseline, though, is how reliable your services and products are. Quality will definitely let your customer stay and buy recurrently, and not sales talk and empty promises.

Maintaining your Live Chat will continue to increase your lead conversions – provided you deliver what you have promised to your customers.

Your website visitors will also get used to the Chat App and would find it difficult to communicate in case you cancel your subscription.

For that reason, you should renew your Chat App every month. The service would continue to generate leads for you, and thus, would sustain the increase in your earnings.

Tips in using the Chat service

  • Purchase the Premium Plan, so you can avail of all the benefits of the Chat service.
  • Provide the account manager all necessary information about your website, so that the Live Agents would know all the significant information of your services.
  • Choose the phone as your method of communication to facilitate the management of your leads.
  • Remember, to read the monthly reports of the conversations between the Agents and visitors. This will help you assess what technique should be discarded, and what should be retained.
  • Trust the Chat Agents on your website. This way, you can focus on your core responsibilities, or when vacationing – you can enjoy your ‘me’ time.

You have taken a brave step forward with your marketing strategy by using Live Chat services. It’s a smart move. Hopefully, your business would boom in the next few months to come, and every year, thereafter.