5 Ways Live Chat Agents Can Maximize Your Conversion Rates

Small businesses are trying to find ways to maximize their conversion rates. This can be a tedious and difficult task for anyone who is not a computer savvy with online apps.

But first what are conversion rates?

What are conversion rates?

Simply put, conversion rates are the rates in which your website visitors perform what you want them to do. This can be any or all of the following:

  • Buy your product/s
  • Sign up for your email
  • Download your book
  • Hire your services
  • Read your post
  • Watch your video
  • Create an account

Therefore, we will be discussing how Live Chat Agents can make the most of your conversion rates utilizing a structured method.

Before you can do that though, you have to analyze your website’s previous performances. You can refer to the site’s analytics and proven insights. What were the visitors’ activities on your site? What are the geographical sources of your site’s traffic? What are the usual ‘behaviors’ of your visitors?

These data must be analyzed and integrated together to assess the direction of your website.

5 Ways Live Chat Agents Can Maximize Your Conversion Rates

The Live Chat Agents will:

#1 – Discuss your products and services adequately to your visitors.
When the Live Chat Agents discuss thoroughly the advantages of your products and services to the website visitors, they will surely want to avail of them. Hence, the Agents should have been briefed about this information beforehand.

It’s your responsibility as the website owner to provide sufficient information to the manager, so he/she could train the Agents reliably.

#2 – Explain the importance of downloading your eBook.
The Live Chat Agents should explain to your visitors the value of your eBook; the valuable information that they can get out of it, or how they can benefit from the data included in the book.

If the Agent can explain well the importance of the book to your website visitors, they would definitely download the book.

#3 – Encourage the visitors to read your post.
The Agent could also point out that since the visitor is already on the website, he may want to read the post. The Agent then gives a head up to the visitors about the vital information provided by the article.

Naturally, you should deliver as promised. The post must be substantial and provide an information that they can make use of.

#4 – Motivate the visitors to sign up for your email list.
Your website visitors can volunteer to sign up for your email list, if they find value in signing up. What can they gain by opting in?

“What’s in it for me?” is a question that your potential clients would certainly ask. Thus, you must have a list of the reasons why your website visitors should sign up for your email list.

The Live Chat Agent should know what these reasons are and be able to sufficiently communicate these to your website visitors. The trainer has to conduct a dry run to find out if the Agents can motivate people properly.

#5 – Treat the visitors with concern and respect.
Your website visitors are your potential clients, so the Live Agent must treat them with concern and respect. As their ‘boss’, you can request that the Agents must be trained based on your specifications.
Only you, know about the predicted questions and behavior of your potential clients. Thus, you have to request the dedicated account manager, or whoever is training the Agents, to train them according to what you want your customers to know.

The manager can only do the training properly if you have provided enough and correct data.

Tips on maximizing your conversion rates

  • Live Chat Agents can only share what you have provided them, so ascertain that you have provided sufficient and reliable information about the services and/or products that you offer. Remember to include any freebies you plan to offer.
  • Don’t give general instructions. Give specific instructions on what should be stated and how the procedure must be done.


Don’t say to the training manager: “The Live Chat Agent must explain to the visitor why she should avail of my services.

Instead say: “The Live Chat Agent can enumerate the advantages of my services and products, such as: free delivery for goods worth $100 and above; 30-day money back options; updated news about the product emailed every week; and similar specific instructions.

  •  Live Chat Agents are humans too. They are not robots. They can commit mistakes, as well. So, allow them a margin of error.
    Understandably, there must be no errors when dealing with your clients, but if this rare thing happens, give a chance for the Agent to correct her/his mistake.
  • After giving specific instructions, trust the Live Agents to deliver their responsibilities competently. They are trained to do this. This will reduce unnecessary stress for you.
  • Remember to keep a record of all that has transpired during the chat session, so you can analyze them later on and determine what steps could be duplicated, and what must be eliminated.
  • Customize your chat box based on the theme of your website and on the type of business you offer. You can request this from the chat service provider. Depending on your chat plan or package, you’re entitled to do so.
  • If you don’t achieve your goals at the onset, keep on. Your diligence in hiring Live Chat Agents will pay off eventually. Hard work always pays off. So, never give up.


Live Chat Agents can maximize your conversion rates with the correct technique and a well-planned approach to conduct your plans.

The success of the task will be coming from the concerted efforts of everyone: you, the account manager training the Agents, and the Live Chat Agents themselves.

When the plan to maximize conversion rates is well orchestrated, nothing stands in your way towards success. This would mean attaining your primary goal, which is increased in sales.