10 Frequently Asked Questions about Live Chat Agents

Live Chat Agents and Chat services are quickly gaining momentum as the most preferred mode of communication by online surfers. It’s because the response is quick, convenient and less expensive. Furthermore, Live Chat Agents could provide the basic information that customers need without much ado.

Nevertheless, many are still unfamiliar with what Live Chat Agents can do for their businesses. To help you know more about Live Chat Agents, here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about Live Chats Agents.

#1 – How much would a Live Chat Agent’s services cost?
This will depend upon the type of plan that you have selected. The Live Agent can cost from $0.19/hour to $1.75/hour. The prices differ, so you have to select what package your website needs first.

The packages range from $99 per month to $199 per month. You should first evaluate your website and find out what package is applicable for you.

#2 – How will I add the Live Chat to my website?
When you hire the Live Chat Agent, the company installs the Live Chat software on your website – for free. The software itself is also free of charge. These incredible benefits are provided by Help Desk 247.

To know more about the different services provided, you may want to visit their website, and experience their awesome Live Chat service, firsthand.

#3 – How does Live Chat work?
Live Chat works when the Live Chat Agent operates it. The Live Agents man the website and interact with your visitors. The visitors may want to learn about the services or products offered by your website.

It acts as a mode of communication between potential clients and you through the Live Agents.

#4 – What are the functions of Live Chat Agents?
The Live Chat Agents do the work for you. They manage your website; taking care of your customers and finding potential leads. They answer questions asked by the website’s visitors.

They are also responsible in ensuring that all visitors are attended to, whatever concerns they have.

#5 – Can I customize my Chat Box?
Your Live Chat box can be customized, if it’s included in your plan. It’s usually the Premium and Advance Plan that can allow the customization of your site. It’s not included in the Basic Plan.

You can talk to the account manager if you want to change your Live Agents’ plan.

#6 – What’s the Agents maximum response time?
Live Agents can respond to the visitor’s question within seconds. The response time will also depend on the type of question asked. If the question requires a long answer, then the time to answer will, understandably, be longer too.

But, generally, the response time is in seconds, and rarely goes beyond that time frame.

#7 – How long would the Live Chat Agent man my website?
Live Chat Agents will operate your Live Chat, usually, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will be informed of leads instantly and of clients, who want to speak with you immediately.

They can stay for as long as you want, provided that you won’t cancel your subscription.

#8 – Are there free trials?
Yes, a 15-day trial is provided for interested website owners. Should you want to stop your subscription, you can cancel the Live Chat Agents’ services any time without questions asked.

During this 15-day trial, your chat app will be installed and will be manned by the Live Chat Agents – without any charges.

During this time, you can monitor your site and observe whether you would gain clients or not. This is a crucial period which would help you decide to continue the Live Agents’ services or not.

#9 – How will I be notified of the leads?
You will be notified instantly of the leads through a phone call or an email, depending on the plan and option you have chosen. The preferences that you have chosen will be respected by the Live Agent.

The Live Agents would not disturb you, if you don’t want them to. It’s your call.

#10 – What are the perks of hiring Live Chat Agents?
There are various perks of hiring Live Chat Agents. When you hire one, it’s like you’re hiring a manager, a secretary, a chat agent, an information staff, a messenger and a website assistant.

With a Live Agent, you have a reliable assistant who can manage your website’s chat service professionally. You don’t have to worry and be stressed out when you’re not there to monitor everything.

You can spend some time off with your family, while your website continues to operate efficiently.

Tips on hiring Live Chat Agents

  • Hire from a reputable company. Expensive Chat Agents may not always be the best, as cheap Chat Agents may not always be the least. So, choose carefully. Be diligent and you will succeed.
  • Sign up for the free trials, and decide what Live Agents’ services to choose, after you have evaluated the results of the trials.
  • You may want to read customers’ reviews to determine if the Live Chat Agents are dependable. Majority of the reviews of the Live Agents should be positive with 80% and above ratings, or with more than 4 star ratings.
  • Be patient to find the most appropriate Live Agents suitable for your website.
  • Live Agents services are now the ‘in’ thing. Try the services before saying no. You should know how to adapt to the advances in technology, so you won’t be left behind by your contemporaries.


These are some of the frequently asked questions about hiring Live Chat Agents. If you still haven’t tried their services, you may want to do so now. You’re missing on a lot of advantages, if you don’t. Small businesses are increasing their sales using these well-trained Agents.

More and more career professionals, who have created their own websites, are becoming aware of the importance of having someone man their sites.

Don’t miss this chance of gaining more clients and broadening your network through the competent Live Chat Agents.