You’re proud of yourself because your website has been re-constructed and it’s almost perfect in every way; layout, theme, hosting company, design, graphics and images. You have hired Live Chat Agents, as well, because you know the crucial role they assume in boosting your sales.

Your website is ready to launch with a bang. Nevertheless, you have to give all the support that you can, to help your Live Chat Agents engage the visitors efficiently.

Here are 10 effective ways of increasing chat engagement of website visitors:

#1 – Upgrade your Live Chat Agent package to premium
This is one sure way of increasing the chat engagement of your visitors. The premium package allows more features included in the chat, so the visitors would be motivated to talk to a Live Chat Agent.

#2 – Customize your Live Chat services
With the premium plan, you can customize your Live Chat App to complement the theme and the design of your website. You can also use your own logo. The more appealing the sight of your chat box is, the more interested your visitor would be.

#3 – Offer discounted rates or giveaways to top ‘engagers’
You can also conduct a contest, in which the visitor with the most engagements with the Live Chat Agent will win a price. This can be a discounted rate for your services or a giveaway. The giveaway can be something that you can readily send to the visitor online.

There are many items that the visitor can quickly obtain from your site. Examples are downloadable eBooks, downloadable music, images, software, apps, videos, articles, and so forth.

#4 – Awards can be given to visitors with the most interesting questions
This is an award given to website visitors that have asked the most interesting questions from the Live Chat Agents. You may vote for this or allow the Agents to choose the visitor.

#5 – An award can be given to a visitor with the most difficult question
This is similar to #4. The visitor who asked the most difficult question is awarded a price. It’s up to you what kind of award you would give. Make sure it’s worthy though.

#6 – Cash incentives for the top 5 visitors with the most chat engagements
This is given to the top 5 visitors, who have been using the Live Chat application. Whoever has the most engagement will win the top price. Plus the next 4 visitors with the next highest number of engagements will also win cash prices in decreasing amounts.


Top 1 = $100

Top 2 = $75

Top 3 = $50

Top 4 = $35

Top 5 = $25

If you have the financial capability, you can increase the cash prices. What’s important is that their efforts are recognized.

This amount is still minimal compared to the exorbitant prices that some advertising companies demand, when you advertise with them.

#7 – A cash incentive can be given for the “Live Agents’ Best Visitor Award”
Another incentive can be a cash reward given to the visitor, which the Live Agents voted for. This is decided on by the Live Chat Agents, based on their interaction with the potential customers.

This cash price can be $150 or above. If you can afford more, you can increase the price. These expenses would be compensated later, in the form of increased website traffic and sales.

#8 – The 100th visitor will receive a surprise gift
The countdown occurs until the 100th visitor is reached. He then receives a surprise gift from you. Make the gift memorable, so your visitor would feel that you truly care for your clients.

#9 – The 1000th visitor will receive a surprise gift
The countdown from 100 continues until it reaches 1000 website visitors. The gift of this visitor must be more expensive than the 100th visitor.

#10 – Free consultations for chatters on a designated day
This is like your Website Live Agents day, where your clients can avail of a free consultation with you about your field of expertise. Make sure you have sufficiently informed all your website followers.

Bear in mind that you should only offer these rewards when your website is still unpopular and you’re trying to attract more customers.

Otherwise, you may be in the red, if you offer this daily while you’re still establishing the integrity of your services. You can retain some of these incentives even when you have achieved your traffic generation goals. This is to make sure you maintain your status.

Tips in increasing chat engagements

  • Offer the incentives every now and then to gain more followers. You can modify them according to your customers’ needs.
  • Set a specific budget for these rewards and work within that budget. If it goes over, disregard it.
  • You can involve the Live Chat Agents in voting for the visitors deserving of the awards because they were the ones who actually chatted with them.
  • Be creative. Think out of the box. What are other ways to increase chat engagement?
  • Remember to give your visitors a rundown of the prices and incentives. Notify the winners through email, or through your community board.
  • Treat your Live Chat Agents well, and they will stay loyal to you. Express your gratitude for a job well done. Be generous with your praises and stingy with your criticisms.
  • Use your social media accounts to advertise your contest. While you’re advertising your contest, you’re also advertising your services.


A fruitful chat engagement with a website visitor will tend to convert the visitor into a client. This will depend on how interactive the Live Chat Agent is.

Giving discounts and incentives to visitors, who engages with the Agent on the Live Chat app, will surely motivate your visitors to take action or to chat.

Don’t think that this reward system is a waste due to the fact that you would be spending money. Think instead of the excellent returns after the event. It would be much more than you have spent.

A developing website business is expected to be in the red for 6 months or even more. But after the ‘adjustment’ period, you would certainly gain visitors. Gaining additional visitors will indicate increase in clients, conversion rates, and sales.