Various website owners are now aware of the significance of Live Chats on their sites. Recent researches have proven that majority of online users prefer to chat than use email, or call, when inquiring about the services they needed.

They also wanted prompt answers to their questions. So, if no one is manning the site, they leave and search for a site that has Live Agents to answer their queries quickly.

What about you? When are you adapting to the pivotal changes that technology and online apps ushered?

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you have to innovate on how to conduct your business. You must also adjust to the changes brought by time, and the needs of your prospective customers. Peruse the list below and see if they apply to you.

10 Crucial Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Live Chat

#1 – Website’s Bounce Rate is steadily increasing
Your website’s visitors may find you on the Results Pages of searches, but when they arrive on your website, they have no one to direct their questions to. Thus, they leave and look somewhere else.

Why would they browse your pages, when a Live Agent, who is ready to entertain their questions, is waiting for them at the competing website? If you were the visitor, which one would you choose? The website where Chat Agents can answer your questions? Or the website that has no Chat Agents? Your answer is as good as mine.

#2 – Lead conversions rarely happen
Because your visitors are few, this reduces your chances of converting your leads into actual customers.

#3 – Traffic is at a standstill
“All roads lead to Rome”, but they don’t lead to your website. There may be a few vehicles plying the road towards your site. But the traffic generated is insubstantial; simply, because most of your visitors don’t stay, and online surfers refuse to visit.

#4 – Sales are at a snail’s pace
It follows that when traffic is low, sales would follow suit. Your sales come from your online traffic. So, sales are dependent on the amount of traffic your website generates.

#5 – Search Engines don’t ‘know’ your website exists
When you type your website into Google Search, Yahoo Search, or Bing Search, they could hardly ‘recognize’ it. Your site doesn’t appear on the Results Pages (RP). If it does; it’s found at the bottom of the page.

How can your potential customer find you if your site doesn’t show up in search engines?

You can help improve your RP rank with the use of live chat apps. The chat app would surely make your visitors stay, and this would help increase your website’s visibility.

When your website’s visibility is increased, your website traffic will increase, as well.

#6 – Website’s Page Rank is insignificant
The amount of traffic on your website affects your online integrity, popularity, and website Page Rank (PR). Obviously, there are other factors affecting your ranking, but website traffic is certainly one of the most important factors.

The higher your website traffic – the higher your website Page Rank is.

Why stymie your own website’s growth when you can do much more to improve it. Live Chat Agents can help you sustain the interest of your visitors. They can motivate them to become regular visitors. Hence, improving your website’s traffic.

You can check your PR here.

#7 – Website’s authority is zilch
A website’s authority is the integrity that a website has online. When many popular websites link to yours, you gain authority. It means other well-known websites trust you. This is another reason why you need a Live Chat.

A Live Chat would attract more visitors and other websites to the services you are providing.

#8 – Visitor-engagement is zero
Since, there are no Live Chat Agents visitors could talk to, visitor-engagement is zero. Imagine a house without a host. The visitors come in, and find out that no one is home, so they leave. It’s a valid reason for them to leave, don’t you think so?

What’s the solution to this? It’s apparent – Live Chat Agents!

#9 – Advertisements are put on hold because they are costly
You don’t have the money to splurge on expensive ads for your services or products, so you put them on hold. Furthermore, when advertising, you have to do it continuously to get your product out there. It’s a tedious and costly process.

However, if your website has a chat app and Chat Agents to monitor it 24/7, that would be the best way to advertise your services and products – direct advertising to your website visitors.

The Live Chat Agent could also explain the product or services more in detail. Potential buyers are motivated to buy when they know the product well.

Moreover, it’s a lot cheaper than buying ads from Google or Yahoo. Plus, you can cancel the app anytime you want.

#10 – Social Media Awareness is set-up
Let’s say you have advertised your website in all of your social media accounts, and your interactions with the other users in these sites are fruitful. You can promote your services through these strategies, but won’t a Live Chat App enhance your website’s traffic?

Reportedly, online entrepreneurs who use Live Chat apps gain more followers that those who don’t have it.

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If you want to be ahead of your competition, you have to utilize Live Chat Agents and Live Chat Apps. These are advances in technology that you should optimize to sustain the interest of your website visitors.

You have everything to gain with Live Chat Agents, attending to your website visitors, while you spend a much needed respite in your favorite vacation haven.

Be a wise entrepreneur by working less, but earning more.