The Medical Technology profession involves numerous diagnostic methods, hundreds of testing strategies and hours and hours of laboratory work.

As a Medical Technologist (MT), you may want to obtain all the helping hand that you can get, not only in your actual laboratory work, but also on your online website.

You need a skilled, competent professional, who can assist you in the multifarious responsibilities on your website. This person must also know how to integrate your activities online with your offline schedules.

For your website, there are Live Chat Agents who can perform the specified tasks you assign to them. They are aptly trained on the rules of online chatting, managing websites and attending to all types of clients.

Know more about the essential role that Live Chat Agents can do for your online clinic. You would learn to appreciate them more.

Here are the 10 advantages of Medical Technology sites with Live Chat Agents:

#1 – Patients are attended to promptly
When the patient arrives at the site, the Live Chat Agent is alert and ready to greet the patient. The patient is asked how he can be helped. From there, the Agent interviews the patient and learns about his concerns.

Through the Live Chat Agent, the patient can:

  • Make an appointment schedule for blood extraction.
  • Inquire about your availability for specimen collection
  • Inquire about how the patient should prepare for specific laboratory tests
  • Ask questions about certain diagnostic procedures

These are only a few of the various things that the patient would be asking the Live Chat Agent. The Agent will respond according to your instructions.

The most significant fact is that your patients are attended to quickly and properly.

#2 – You can control the information that would be disclosed
Of course, the information that the Live Chat Agent would disclose is only the information you have instructed her to reveal. You control what the Agent says.

The dedicated account manager, assigned to your website, would train the Agents based on your instructions. Sometimes, canned messages are used for commonly asked and structured questions. But your Agents are there on your website 24/7.

#3 – Your patients can interact with you conveniently
Well, they can call you up, but that’s more expensive than chatting. They can also email you, but that will take a longer time. Live chatting is the most convenient and speediest time that your patients can contact you.

In this case, the Agent will inform you of the communication instantly, and you would decide what action to make; whether to communicate directly with the patient, or to let the Agent inform the patient of your message.

#4 – Your website is manned round-the-clock
Everyone would be attended to – without discrimination – by your Live Chat Agent. You won’t have to worry about rude or ill-mannered patients because the Agents are properly trained to respond calmly to such unwanted incidences.

The important thing is that your website is appropriately managed and manned round-the-clock, so that each visitor is suitably attended to before he/she leaves your site.

#5 – New customers will feel welcomed
If the person is not your previous patient, and he’s just there to browse your site and see what you have to offer; he will be welcomed respectfully by your amiable Chat Agent.

Your prospective clients will be motivated to enlist your services or buy products from your site, when he observes that you show concern to your patients/clients.

Eventually, they will become your customers, as well.

#6 – Handling of patients becomes personalized
Because the patients are treated individually, they would feel you truly care for them. They wouldn’t hesitate to employ your services in the future, and would certainly turn into one of your loyal customers.

The patient or visitor would appreciate your genuine concern and attention. Each of them deserves the best treatment you can render.

#7 – Appropriate products can be sold on your site
With Live Chat Agents, you can sell appropriate laboratory products on your site because they can be trained to act as sales agent. They can explain the importance of each product and how it can be used.

#8 – Test kits can be explained clearly
With the help of Live Agents, the test kits that you’re selling can be explained well. If there are no Agents to discuss the precautions for the test kits, the principle of the test and the valuable data that comes with it, no one may want to buy them.

#9 – Instructions for laboratory tests are discussed
Live Chat Agents can explain to the patient the instructions that he/she must follow before and after a laboratory test. Perhaps, the patient should fast for 8 to 12 hours, or not allowed to drink coffee and cola.

The Agents are trained according to your pre-requisites. Hence, they must know these common instructions.

#10 – Promotes excellent agent-customer interaction
The Agent is the face of your company. She must interact with the patients/customers in such a way that the integrity of the company is not compromised. You have to take active participation in training the Agent by giving proper instructions to the training manager.

Emphasize the aspects that focus on your Medical Technology profession. Ensure that you have provided all the information that can help the Live Chat Agent perform her duties competently and efficiently.


Be the top provider of Medical Technology products and services on your website by utilizing the services of Live Chat Agents.

The correct data you provide the training manager will help the Live Chat Agents perform well on their assigned responsibilities.

The next thing you can do is to relax for a while and allow the Agents to talk to your patients and provide the needs that they can.

This will filter out the patients whose needs can be given by the Agents. That would be a lot of workload off your shoulders.

It’s only when you’re truly needed to be there that you should be there. In the meantime, you can get your much needed respite and relaxation.

The Live Chat Agents would manage the site for you, and keep tabs of leads, conversions or patients that require instant attention.

Be on the lead among your contemporaries, you may want to hire a Live Chat Agent now!